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The Killing Of Polly Carter Book Review

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Supermodel Polly Carter was famed for her looks and party-girl lifestyle. Now she's dead, apparently having thrown herself from the clifftop near her home on the island of Saint-Marie. Those who knew her say Polly would never have killed herself…and when he is called in to investigate, DI Richard Poole is inclined to agree there is more to Polly’s death than meets the eye.
Already fighting a losing battle against the intense summer heat of the Caribbean, Richard now faces fresh adversaries: a stream of alibis; a host of conflicting motives; and, worst of all, a visit from his mother. A frenzy which would surely allow a murderer to slip away unnoticed…yet Richard is certain that the guilty party is still on the island.

As his team closes in on Polly’s household, Richard becomes convinced that the model’s death was an inside job. And he's determined to prove who planned the killing of Polly Carter, and why…

The Killing Of Polly Carter
by Robert Thorogood

Publisher: MIRA
Publish Date: 16 Jun. 2016
ISBN-10: 1848454430
Rating: 5/5


The pride of my bookshelf at the moment, I have been searching for The Killing Of Polly Carter in every bookshop I've visited since the end of April. I've watched the televised programme of Death In Paradise since it started and as soon as I discovered that the very same Robert Thorogood has released two books featuring the same characters I have been besides myself with excitement.

For those who do not know the stories or plots from Robert Thorogood's collection, his storyboards resemble the style of books from Agatha Christie. With clues being left everywhere you turn it becomes a task on it's own to separate the red herrings from the true facts. The at the end we discover who the murderer is.

So the plot of The Killing Of Polly Carter is based on the fictional island of Saint Marie in the Caribbean close by to Guadeloupe. There are a small gathering of suspicious characters at the scene of the crime who all have their own secrets to keep from the police. However, using some very English traits, as main character Richard does, the secrets are revealed and the details of the planned murder are slowly pieced together.

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In all honesty, on most occasions I skip the prologue so I can jump straight into the main story. However, on this instance I did read it and I'm so glad I did. On record, this is the first book I've ever read where I laughed out loud within the first 4 lines of the book. No lie. The language used throughout the book is light hearted but clever at the same time. There are many funny scenes, mostly involving poor Richard, but there's a decent line that keeps this book a mystery instead of a humorous book.

If you're looking for a murder mystery which is easy reading and fun, and typically English, this is a great book for you to read. I absolutely loved this book and am really hoping that Robert Thorogood will be releasing some more stories from the team on Saint Marie.

If you love the Caribbean feel of the book  ... try Last Dance In Havana.

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