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Summer At Oyster Bay Book Review

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For Emily Tate, returning to her charming childhood home Oyster Bay is like coming up for air after the fast pace of her city life. At the farm her grandfather built, surrounded by sister Rachel’s chatter, Gram’s butter biscuits and the soft, white sand, Emily is reminded exactly who she is and what she holds most dear.
When Emily starts work at elegant Water’s Edge Inn, Charles Peterson, the handsome new owner, asks for her help. He wants to expand and needs Emily to teach him the local ways, so he can convince the planning commission. Emily vows to make him fall in love with her hometown, just the way it is.
At work, Charles is reserved and serious, yet once Emily has him kicking off his shoes in the sand and sailing across glistening Chesapeake Bay, she sees another side to him, and their easy rapport feels like the start of something big.
But when it becomes clear Charles’s plans for the inn involve bulldozing Oyster Bay, Emily is heartbroken. Will she lose her home and Charles all at once, or can she save Oyster Bay, and give true love a chance?

Summer At Oyster Bay
by Jenny Hale

Publisher: Bookouture
Publish Date: 6 Jun. 2016
ISBN-10: 1786810301
Rating: 4/5
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Another first for me. Jenny Hale is an author I have followed on Twitter for a while now but I'd never read any of her work. Not wanting to be the only person not to have read her latest book, Summer At Oyster Bay, I decided it would be a great read for the first week of August.
Snuggling down with my Kindle I was excited to get started before I'd even looked at the first page. A trait of mine is to judge a book by it's cover. It's bad of me but I'm sure I'm not the only one who does it. The stunning cover had me prepped and ready for a delightful couple of days on the sandy beach of Oyster Bay.
Meeting Emily it becomes clear that she is at a confusing point in her life where she's unsure of what to do next. Having refused her ex boyfriend's proposal she returns to the scene of her childhood to surround herself with her family. Gram, her sister Rachel and her niece Clara are excited to have her home but no time is wasted on trying to stir up a friendship between Emily and the new owner of the Water's Edge Inn, Charles.

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Making some shocking family related discoveries along the way, Emily is faced with deceit, heartache and terror. However, threaded throughout her eventful home life Emily becomes more friendly with her new boss and she soon sees a different side to him that needs to be unleashed.
The location of Oyster Bay is delightful and made even more special on horseback. Relationships are tested and pushed to their limits as the characters confront some very real issues as we explore the area and the memories it holds. Moving on after the death of a family member can be hard and Emily feels the full throttle when it becomes clear that everything Papa built is about to be destroyed forever.

I loved Summer At Oyster Bay and all the characters involved. What I really liked was the fact that the boy meets girl scenario featured older characters than the usual stereotype. Not having a young blonde and a ripped rich man was very refreshing and much more enjoyable to read.    

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