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A Meditation On Murder Book Review

Aslan Kennedy has an idyllic life: leader of a spiritual retreat for wealthy holidaymakers on one of the Caribbean's most unspoilt islands, Saint Marie. Until he's murdered, that is. The case seems open and shut: when Aslan was killed he was inside a locked room with only five other people, one of whom has already confessed to the murder.
Detective Inspector Richard Poole is hot, bothered, and fed up with talking to witnesses who'd rather discuss his 'aura' than their whereabouts at the time of the murder. But he also knows that the facts of the case don't quite stack up. In fact, he's convinced that the person who's just confessed to the murder is the one person who couldn't have done it. Determined to track down the real killer, DI Poole is soon on the trail, and no stone will be left unturned.

A Meditation On Murder
by Robert Thorogood

Publisher: MIRA; First edition
Publish Date: 7 May 2015
ISBN-10: 184845371X
Rating: 4.5/5


Reading books in reverse order is not something I make a habit of, but when you can only find the second book you just have to make do. A Meditation On Murder is the first book released by Robert Thorogood featuring the same loveable characters found on the BBC show Death In Paradise. Which I absolutely love!

Death In Paradise - BBC

The first book I read from Robert Thorogood was The Killing Of Polly Carter which happens to be Thorogood's second book.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book so as soon as I finished it I immediately began hunting for the first book. Not being able to find the paperback for love nor money I took the lesser option and bought the Kindle download. I'm still holding out for a paperback whenever I see one though.

A Meditation On Murder is set at a luxury retreat which indulges the guests with various forms of relaxation including the titled meditation. Run by Aslan Kennedy and his wife, the center is very popular on Saint Marie but not many people know the interesting life that Aslan has led. Hidden truths about the past soon unfold as DI Richard Poole and the team begin investigating and the motives for Aslan's death soon become quite clear.
Out of any of the plots written by Robert Thorogood A Meditation On Murder has to be one of the most ingenious. On reading the latter end of the book I didn't even contemplate the real solution to the murder, I had a very different idea in my mind. There are various clues left along the way throughout the book to keep you guessing and with DI Poole's help you solve the murder laid out before you. Though in my case I got it wrong.

There's no gore or highly explicit scenes in A Meditation On urder to cringe at, but good old murder mystery logic, ingenuity and method. If you've never read a murder mystery this would be a great book to start with as you are taken through every step of the investigation with the team. Pit your wits against the murderer and see if you can figure out who done it before Richard Poole.

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