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Christmas Under A Cranberry Sky Book Review

Piper Chesterfield lives a glamorous life travelling the world and reviewing the finest hotels. She calls nowhere home, she works alone and that’s how she likes it. For long ago Piper decided that to protect her heart she should lock it away.

So when Piper’s next assignment brings her to the newly opened Stardust Lake Hotel for the festive season, the last person she expects to face is Gabe Whitaker, the man who broke her heart so completely she could never love again.

But Piper isn’t the only one who has been frozen in time by heartbreak. Gabe hasn’t forgotten the golden-eyed girl who disappeared from his world without a trace.

Now fate has reunited them on Juniper island, can the magic of Christmas heal old wounds? And can this enchanting town be the one place Piper can finally call home?

Christmas Under A Cranberry Sky
by Holly Martin
Publisher: Bookouture
Publish Date: 14 Sept. 2016
ISBN-10: 1786810719
Rating: 4 / 5
* Digital PR copy received for a fair and honest review

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So I done it again and read two books in the wrong order. Doing everything in the right order makes life mundane so why not shake things up a bit? ( That's the reason I'm sticking to anyway. )

As the first book in the A Town Called Christmas series, Christmas Under A Cranberry Sky is a romantic but funny novel which kept me fully absorbed throughout. The idea of bumping into an old flame who broke your heart is not a new concept but Holly Martin has made it truly magical with the stunning backdrop of the Stardust Lake Hotel.

Piper, or Pip, works with a magazine as a hotel reviewer and ends up at the hotel which her former flame, Gabe, owns. With trouble written all over this scenario there are some heated and deliberate moments throughout the plot which indulge us readers into the past between these two heartbroken characters.

Thrown into the mix is Gabe's daughter Wren. She's an absolute cutie and at that amusing and brutally honest stage of her childhood development. Or in other words, she says everything as it is, with all the trimmings.

Christmas Under A Cranberry Sky essentially tells the tale of rekindling lost loves and becoming one again. Although Gabe fell off the wagon and indulged in 'fun' girls he still loves Pip, which is evident through the storyline. I like to think that this story represents the fact that love is never lost and always harbors a place in our hearts until once again it can be used to love the person our feelings are intended for.

Without giving the entire plot away ... Christmas Under A Cranberry Sky is a magical story of glass igloos, past loves and lots of wintery festivities. Anyone who loves Christmas will love this book.

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Christmas Under A Cranberry Sky:

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