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Penhaligon's Attic Book Blog Tour

1910. Anna Garvey arrives in Caernoweth, Cornwall with her daughter and a secret. Having come from Ireland to take up an inheritance of the local pub, she and her eighteen year-old daughter Mairead are initially viewed with suspicion by the close-knit community.

Anna soon becomes acquainted with Freya Penhaligon, a vulnerable girl struggling to keep her family business afloat in the wake of her grandmother's death, and starts to gain the trust of the locals. As their friendship deepens, and Freya is brought out of her shell by the clever and lively Mairead, even Freya's protective father Matthew begins to thaw.

But when a part of Anna's past she'd long tried to escape turns up in the town, she is forced to confront the life she left behind - for her sake and her daughter's too . .

Penhaligon's Attic
by Terri Nixon
Publisher: Piatkus
Publish Date: 1 Dec. 2016
ISBN-10: 0349412650
Rating: 5/5

*PR Paperpack received for an honest review

The Author

Terri Nixon was born in Plymouth in 1965. At the age of nine she moved with her family to Cornwall, to the village featured in Daphne du Maurier's Jamaica Inn – North Hill – where she discovered a love of writing that has stayed with her ever since. Her first commercially published novel was Maid of Oaklands Manor, published by Piatkus in 2013. She has since published two more novels in the Oaklands Manor trilogy: A Rose in Flanders Fields and Daughter of Dark River Farm.


There's always something really exciting about posting a book review on the same day that same masterpiece is being published. For the amount of books I get through, this magical, planned, coincidence isn't always possible. Making it more hand fist pumpingly exciting when it does happen. Today, the 1st of December ( and official start of the Christmas countdown ! ), sees Penhaligon's Attic join the historical novel section of your bookstore.

Largely based in the fiction favourite location of Cornwall, Penhaligon's Attic combines the lustful elements of historical fiction with the always beautiful events of a saga or women's fiction story. Circling around Anna and her daughter Mairead, which I really don't know how to pronounce, the imagery unfolds as we follow the small family on their journey as they begin life in Cornwall.

The surrounding community are enchanting and bring a whole level of reality and charm to the plot. Making a living as an outsider has always been a difficulty throughout the ages and this is reflected in the book, though I'm pleased to say that despite certain events in the storyline,all is well.

Even when the twist in the story appears in the limelight, which I am secret bound not to tell, there is no part of the story which leaves you in the dark. I found the scenes in this book to be endearing, insightful and effortlessly engrossing. The story of Penhaligon's Attic is one which will keep you warm in the long winter evenings and intrigued enough to let your hot chocolate go cold.

A full five thumbs up for this book! Thank you to Piatkus publishers for introducing me to this fantastic book. Congratulations Terri, it's a great one!

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