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5 Easy Activities To Help You Sleep

Blooming Fiction, help to sleep activities

Do you struggle to get to sleep? I know I do and I'm certainly not the only person who's laid in bed staring up at the dark ceiling trying to drift off. Sometimes it just really doesn't happen. The conveyor belt of thoughts starts rolling through your mind and you think about everything you've done that day, as well as what you need to do tomorrow.

If only falling asleep was as simple as an on / off switch. Sadly it isn't, but there are ways of helping yourself to get there.

Try some of these ideas and see if you manage to get a better night's sleep.

Put Your Phone Away
Do you go to bed and then spend the next couple of hours playing games or surfing social media? If you do, this really doesn't help your sleep situation. Set your alarm for the morning then put your phone down. Easy as that. Staring at a screen before your shut eye time can make you feel more awake than before you went to bed, so put away your tablet / laptop / phone and let your body wind down without the full on glare beaming into your eyes.

Since you're not supposed to be using anything with glare before bed, grab a book. Make your eyes tired. Reading is a relaxing and peaceful activity that requires little concentration and  no noise whatsoever. Read a couple of chapters and switch off the light to rest your eyes. You'll be asleep in no time. If you're not in to books try reading a magazine instead, just remember .... no screens!

Have A Bath
A bath is a perfect way to wind down as you steam your pores and start to drift into a state of relaxation. To make bath time even more soothing, try using some lavender products which have the proven effect to help calm you. Your bath doesn't need to be an hour long session, but enough to loosen up any sore or tired muscles and push your body into a more peaceful state.

Make A Drink
There are a couple of options you can try for an evening beverage, but my go to choice is an Ovaltine. Having a non caffeinated drink before bed warms you up on the inside but doesn't get your gears grinding like a tea or coffee. A mild and fragrant drink like Ovaltine helps you relax and succumb more easily to sleep. If you don't like malt drinks, another favourite is camomile tea. Though not to everyone's taste, camomile has calming and relaxing effects which makes it perfect for a bedtime drink.

Get Comfy
If you're having trouble sleeping, every little annoyance will be tripled. If you are too hot, lose a blanket or put on some thinner nightwear, don't leave it as it will irritate you. Pillows a problem? Try rearranging them or losing one, see what makes them more comfortable for you and, if it helps, use a pillow spray of lavender and/or camomile to help you to relax.

Write It All Down
The famous conveyor belt of thoughts strikes many of us night, keeping us awake for hours and hours thinking about really small, and often petty, things that don't really matter that much. If your mind starts taking a stroll, pop on your bedside lamp and write down everything you're worrying about. Now you've done something about it it won't pester you as much as it's out in the open. Plus it gives you a head start on your things to do list for the next day.

Blooming Fiction, help to sleep activities

Blooming Fiction, help to sleep activities



  1. I love spritzing a lavender spray on my linen just before going to bed, that definitely helps me sleep better at night.
    Great post!

    Vanessa x |

    1. Thanks Vanessa! My pillow spray is my absolute go to product for helping to induce sleep, I'm addicted to the Avon one pictured and at such an affordable price you can't go wrong.

  2. Nothing makes me as sleepy as Pukka Nightime tea (well, infusion), highly recommend :)

    1. I've not tried Pukka tea, I'll add it to my list Aleksandra :D


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