Sunday, 29 January 2017

What To Do With Unwanted Books

The most horrifying concept of any bookworm's life is running out of space for books. Clinging on to all your books is your own prerogative but there does eventually come a stage when your only option is to downsize or extend the walls of your house. In my case, my lowly book cupboard has been bursting open at the seams ever since I moved out of my parents home.
Decluttering your book collection doesn't need to be hard work. It sounds a lot worse than it has to be. Of course it's nice to make some cash out of selling your old books, but sometimes it's even better to give them away. After some inspiration? Take a peek at these great ideas of what to do with your homeless books.

Sell Your Books For Cash ... To Buy More Books!

Selling your books gives you pocket money in order to buy all the things you need ... including your next stash of freshly printed books. Selling your books can be an easy job, but it doesn't mean you will fetch a lot for your precious reads. Some sites offer pitiful amounts, often in pennies, to buy your books off you, then there's the classic Ebay which unfortunately involves extra fees and the effort of having to head to a post office. A real pain if there isn't one within miles around where you live, something I've now been living with for nearly 3 years.
So if you're ready to collect the pennies and bundle up your books, here's some ideas of how to start shifting your unwanted tower of books.
Car Boot Sales
Facebook Local Sales Page

Give Your Books Away For A Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Giving your books away is a great way to not only declutter but it also helps you do your something good for the day. There are loads of places you can take your books but maybe before doing so check if any of your family, friends or fellow bloggers would like any. Recycling books is a great way to stay in touch with people and share your love of books, so why not try some of these places who are always open to new books.
Charity Stores - give to causes that mean something to you
Retirement Homes
Start A Lending Library   

Other Uses For Books Around The Home

If parting with some of your book collection proves to be more painful than you thought it would, there are some great ideas of how to use books around the home. With so many pretty covers and amazing quotes inside you'd be amazed how many uses a book has apart from reading it, of course.
Book Art - folding pages in certain ways can create some cool bookish models, you can fold animals, buildings and even Rapunzel's tower
Perch / Table - Stacks of books can be quite strong so if you need a stylish stack to pop a lamp or some bric a brac on, look no further than some of your chic hardbacks
Framework - Meaningful and sentimental books make great additions to long term d├ęcor so popping your favourite book in to a 3D frame creates an ideal personalised decoration
Wallpaper - An idea not for the faint hearted ... using pages from a book and creating a focus wall in your room allows you to keep your books and keep reading your favourite quotes day after day

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