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Creating Life And The Not So Glamorous Side Of Early Pregnancy

Blooming Fiction : Creating Life And The Not So Glamourous Side Of Early Pregnancy

For those of you who don't stalk my Twitter or Facebook accounts, you may not know that I'm expecting my first bundle of joy/nappies and noise. Due on the first of June, my unknown gender baby is burning a whole in my already very empty coin purse and giving me extra stretch marks I didn't really want.  Pregnancy is nearly always depicted as something joyful, easy and enjoyable.... I think it's time to set the record straight.
I made it no secret to family or friends that I was not really keen on the idea of becoming a mum as my own time was so precious to me ... despite the fact I never really did anything particularly worthwhile. Procrastination seemed to be my main hobby and for some reason I was eager to hold on to it. There was something about TV over smelly nappies that seemed to sway me every time it came to finding a reason why I didn't want kids.

Blooming Fiction 16 week baby scan
Bump at 16 week ultrasound scan
With no maternal bone in my body, so to speak, the idea of mothering a person seemed completely out of the question. I've never craved kids or ever had a broody moment so when my now husband of 2 years ( partner for 8 years ) said about how much he'd like to be a dad my brain went into overdrive and I became completely selfish. Looking back I feel awful to say that on more than one occasion I declared that my life would be over if kids ever came along. But now I have Bump ( really original I know ) my perspective has changed by the click of a finger.

It's hard to describe pregnancy, even when it's happening to you.
It's a strange and surreal feeling to know that you're growing a real person inside your belly. You see people walk around with baby bumps and infants, but you never really register what's happening 'in there' until you experience pregnancy. The feelings and emotions that race through you are so hard to put into words, and I'm ready to declare that baby brain does exist!

I discovered my pregnancy ( or 'problem' at the time ) when I was only 3 weeks gone. What made me take a test? There was something in me that knew something was wrong. I was only 5 days late in my menstrual cycle, not the end of the world, but instead of my usual monthly cramps I had a sharper and more painful pulling where the cramps usually took place. I kid you not, when I saw the result I cried on the toilet for a good half hour without stopping, convinced my life was over. Then, after a non magical blubbering phone call to my Mr, the ball started rolling on my first pregnancy.

Blooming Fiction, baby bump at 20 weeks
Baby bump at 20 weeks
Now for the gory bit!!

Seeing the Dr was a piece of cake, I told her I'd had a positive result and that was that. Easy. Within the next 2 weeks I was bombarded with leaflets, documents, appointments and countless messages from family members saying how excited they were. All of this while feeling incredibly nauseous was exhausting. At this point in time, about 5 weeks in, my sickness hadn't fully settled in but I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I ached, I struggled to get up in the mornings and I was falling asleep at half 2 in the afternoon. You have not known tiredness until this spell in your life.
Not being a fan of needles, my first couple of hospital appointments were not much fun. Booking bloods and screenings are necessary to check you and the baby, but they're not fun, they leave a bruise and you have nothing but worry in case something is wrong. Fortunately for me, all my results have been in my favour which is a great and encouraging sign.

Blooming Fiction : Creating Life And The Not So Glamourous Side Of Early Pregnancy

So what next? The sickness well and truly began. The name morning sickness is completely unsuitable and not at all apt for what really happens. Pregnancy sickness can hit you at any time of the day or night and can come on very suddenly. At my peak sickness time I was being ill 5 times a day. For someone who doesn't overdrink through fear of being ill after, this was a horrible experience that I utterly hated. It's the truth to say that until week 15 I hated being pregnant. No lie.

In addition to the sickness and minimised allowance of certain foods, or some cancelled out altogether, it became apparent that Bump had a taste of its own. If your unborn doesn't like something you've eaten you'll know about it. Still now, I can't have chocolate or ice cream or various other foods like baked beans because ( putting it nicely ) it'll come back up within 5 minutes. If you're lucky.

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Not sound much fun? It isn't. Constantly feeling ill, tired and hormonal is horrid. Anyone who says their entire pregnancy was a breeze is lying to you. Either that or they have been one of the rare few who didn't know they were pregnant until week 36. Not kidding, this has actually happened.

Has pregnancy been fun at all for me in the early stages? My first step of enlightenment was at my first ultrasound scan. Designed to give you a more accurate due date, your assigned sonographer takes measurements of the foetus to see how far along you are. The strange thing is, as soon as the baby came onto screen my entire being changed. I didn't cry or gasp in horror, but I watched the screen in awe, not believing the child on the screen was mine. How can that possibly be inside me?

Looking at the photos after is an intimate and special moment to share with your partner as the truth really sets in that it's actually happening. And for some unexplained reason I magically started growing up practically overnight. I'm now at a stage where I'm reading Beatrix Potter books to my belly and waiting for a poke to let me know they're okay. It's a strange but amazing feeling to have, which cannot truly be put into words.

If you're worried about becoming a mum, just know you're not alone. It's a really scary thing to do but you're never on your own. Family, friends and virtual chums are all there to help and when you see your new playmate for the first time you immediately know it's all worth it.


  1. Well, what a way to kick start your lifestyle posts. I absolutely loved reading this - so open and honest. I have two little nephews and I'm nowhere near having children but this hit home with me.

    Can't wait to read more about your bundle of joy.

    EL xx

    1. Thanks Emma! I thought I wasn't having family for a while yet but it happened! I was terrified at firs ( still am really ) but it's an exciting adventure that makes you feel full of pride.


  2. Aaww loving these posts Katie! It is such a sweet & special time for you both. Congratulations again & i wish you the very best of luck when bubs comes along! Xx

    1. Thanks Sarah! The ticking time bomb has officially started :D Your good luck wishes are very much appreciated, thank you xxx


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