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How To Get A Love Life Book Review

Blooming Fiction, book review, How To Get A Love Life
Nicola Brown doesn't like to lose control. Her flat is always meticulously tidy and her weekly meals carefully planned; Nicola keeps her life in order. When her carefree colleague Caroline challenges Nicola to find a date for Valentine's Day, it's a surprise to them both when Nicola agrees.
As Nicola's search for a man begins, she is thrown in at the deep end - sometimes quite literally - of the dating scene. From men more likely to sell their mother than open their wallet, to those who are determined to find a girlfriend who shares their passion for extreme sports, Nicola has to run the full gamut of dodgy dates. But as the deadline looms closer, Nicola realises it isn't so bad to lose control. It turns out that trying to get a love life can be rather a lot of fun...
How To Get A Love Life
by Rosie Blake
Publisher: Corvus; Main edition
Publish Date: 2 Feb. 2017
ISBN-10: 1782398643
Rating: 5/5


First published on Kindle in August 2015, the hilarious story of How To Get A Love Life graced the E-reader scene and captured the hearts and giggles of bookworms across the globe. Now available in paperback I took the chance to read this witty novel just before Valentines Day.
How To Get A Love Life tells the story of Nicola and breaking out of her very scheduled life. Every week she has the same dinners and has the exact same morning routine. Until one day her work colleague dares her to find a date for Valentines Day in the three month run up. This of course leads to some cringe worthy reading and hilarious moments which unfortunately are all too common on the dating scene. As Nicola progresses from one disastrous date to another she regrets taking up the challenge but she persists and has some exciting adventures along the way.
Rosie Blake really has a way of pulling readers straight into the story and this book is no exception to her talents. Despite the fact that I am not only married, but expecting as well, I still thoroughly enjoyed this book and dreaded the next date as much as Nicola. Some of the characters we meet are worthy of a slap and others just need a bit of sympathy for how ridiculous they are. All adding to the fun ... obviously.
Progressing to the end of the story was an exhilarating but exhausting ride as poor Nicola gets caught up in a whirlwind of romances and even a photo shoot! Seeing Nicola blossom from a strict routine clad individual into a free flowing, life loving person was a joy to witness and I feel that every woman, married/single or otherwise, can take something from.
I am happily awarding How To Get A Love Life a full five stars from me and Blooming Fiction, and I look forward to reading the next book from Rosie Blake.
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Blooming Fiction, book review, How To Get A Love Life

Blooming Fiction, book review, How To Get A Love Life


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