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How To Make An Affordable But Delicious Fish Crumble

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Fish Crumble!!! Never heard of it? This could be because you probably more commonly have a fish pie ... which is normally some small amount of fish in a runny sauce, covered by tasteless mashed potato ( certainly the case if it's a cheap shop bought one ). OR you're not a fan of eating fish for various reasons.

The truth is, that eating fish can have great effects on balancing out your diet. Fish is a source of protein and it contains the highly beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids, which can possibly help to prevent diseases like and arthritis and heart disease. Plus .... fish also gives you vitamin D, great if you're stuck indoors all day at work.

This recipe is of my own concoction and I've been making it since I was in Secondary school, or high school for my friends across the pond. It's easy to make and can often work out cheaper than buying a premade dish in a supermarket. Something else you may notice is that I don't add a sauce to the crumble. I do this for two reasons. The first is because I love the flavours in the crumble and don't want to disguise the nourishing 'goodness' which is underneath the crumble topping. The second is that we're working with fish, so there will be some natural juices flowing already.

Fancy giving it a try? Find all the details below and let me know what you think once you've tried it!

Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, cooking, fish crumble

Fish Crumble
Serves 2 extremely hungry people/ 3 ready for dinner people


3oz margarine/ soft butter
6oz plain flour
2oz grated cheese - any hard cheese like cheddar, plus an extra sprinkling to pop on top of the crumble
Few pinches of dried mixed herbs

Couple of handfuls of prawns - fresh or chilled
Smoked Haddock fillet - skinned and boned
White Fish fillet - cod or similar alternative - skinned and boned
Salmon fillet - skinned and boned
A premade fish pie mix available to buy from any good supermarket

Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, cooking, fish crumble

How To Make

1. Set up your oven and get it heating to 200 degrees / 180 fan assisted / gas mark 6.

2.Make the crumble. Put the butter and flour into a large mixing bowl and rub together to create breadcrumbs. Start off by mixing the flour and butter with your hand before picking up some of the butter and rubbing it between your fingers to break it down. Continue the crumbling process until all the mixture just looks like crumbs. Add the mixed herbs to the mixture and mix with your hand, then add the first 2oz of cheese and mix. Stand the bowl to one side.

3. Wash your hands thoroughly to remove any traces of butter and flour from your hands then retrieve the oven dish you will use to cook your fish crumble in. Pick any dish you like, or choose a couple of smaller dishes to prepare a separate crumble per person. If you choose fillets of fish, you will need to cut them up into small bite size chunks. Don't worry if the chunks aren't the same size, it doesn't matter. Once you've chopped a fillet put the contents into your oven dish and continue the process until all the fillets are chopped. If you have a premade pack, just add the contents into the dish.

4. Add the prawns to the fish mixture and mix the contents up. Use your hands or a spoon to mix all the varieties of fish together and spread out across the base of your oven dish. Add your crumble mixture across the top of the fish, creating a nice even layer by patting the top or tapping the dish. Then finally add the last of your grated cheese across the top. 

5. Put your dish into your preheated oven and leave for 40 minutes.

Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, cooking, fish crumble


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