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Sunrise At Butterfly Cove Book Review

After a nightmare year, Mia Sutherland is hoping for a fresh start! She’s putting the past behind her and pouring all her savings into renovating a crumbling guesthouse in peaceful Butterfly Cove. Nothing will distract her from achieving her dreams!
That is, until her very first guest, Daniel Fitzwilliam arrives – quite possibly, the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen. He’s only here for a week, but already Daniel has turned her world upside-down. And as the tide turns, it’s clear that Butterfly Cove has more than one surprise in store for Mia…

Sunrise At Butterfly Cove
by Sarah Bennett
Publisher: HQ Digital
Publish Date: 1 Feb. 2017
Rating: 5 / 5


Book one of the #ButterflyCove series, Sarah Bennett takes us to a remote location where Mia is renovating a sorry state of a home into the guesthouse of her dreams. After the untimely death of her husband she plunges herself into making a life for herself, secluded from every other person in the world. That is until a stranger is quite literally dumped on her doorstep.
As my first read from Sarah Bennett I loved jumping into a new world of characters and writing unknown to me. From the very first chapter it's very difficult to not be pulled into the story of Sunrise At Butterfly Cove. Our bearded hero, Daniel, is dumped on Mia's doorstep as he is desperate need of a place to sleep. His impromptu  to escape the city left much to be organised but fortunately he meets some friendly characters who are only too happy to welcome him into his new surroundings.
Progressing through the story Mia and Daniel form an attachment which soon ends up in a sweet love story of letting go of the past and starting  new life. Of course it isn't that straight forward and there are obstacles in the way, which makes for great reading. Mia has to visit her mother in hospital and ends up spending time with her former in laws. Sad stories and some emotional scenes later, Mia has a blessing to move on with her life if she finds the happiness she's been looking for.
Sunrise At Butterfly Cove is an impressive debut from Sarah Bennett which tugs at the heart strings but still provides a warm story to cosy up with. Mia's unique ideas of how to decorate the guesthouse leave me flapping slightly but her heart is in the right place. Themed rooms for specific types of people doesn't appeal to me but having the different styles of furnishings appearing is still quite fun.
You will love Sunrise At Butterfly Cove if you enjoy reading about new beginnings, messed up families and men with beards. I'm giving Sunrise At Butterfly Cove the full 5 stars and I look forward to seeing the next instalment soon. 

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Sunrise At Butterfly Cove

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