Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Champneys Beauty - Spa Products With The Affordable Price Tag

Blooming Fiction lifestyle blog, Champneys beauty products

Champneys!!! A beauty word that gets me really excited every time! Boots always have some commendable brands like Sanctuary Spa and Soap & Glory, but favourite of their ranges has always been Champneys. Although I've never been to a Champneys Spa (it is on my bucket list) there's something about the products I love, apart from the name. Although the name does help.

This Christmas just gone there wasn't really anything I wanted as a gift. Being pregnant means no alcohol and unfortunately my baby bump doesn't agree with chocolate, so that was out too. With no DVDs or gadgets catching my eye, I simply asked for pamper products. Creating a life is hard work ( which you can read more about in my Creating Life And The Not So Glamourous Side Of Early Pregnancy post ) so I figured a pamper session was just what I could do with. So my lovely parents bought a very pretty ( and a bit pricey ) pamper box set of Champneys, which I love!!

The box set I received is no longer available, as it was a Christmas gift set, but there is a similar, but smaller, set available for only £22 ( correct at the time of writing this post ) in Boots. The Champneys A Well Earned Treat  gift set contains 6 products and a glass nail file, which is really good for the price, some of which are my favourites from my own collection.

My top of the bunch pick is the Champneys Harmonious Hands Restoring Hand And Nail Cream. At only £3 ( correct at the time of writing the post ) this product is really affordable, and cheaper than a lot of other similar level hand creams, plus you get your Boots Advantage points too. A great bonus to this product is that it contains SPF 15. Even when there is no sun coming through the clouds there are still harmful UV rays around so constant protection is essential for keeping your skin happy and healthy.

For a boost of hydration I love the Champneys Citrus Blush Enlivening Body Lotion. The citrus and cardamom scent is really nice without being pungent. Quickly absorbed into the skin, the fresh feeling after application is soft and subtly fragrant and enough to give you the extra boost next to your morning coffee. 

Another favourite I want to point out is the Champneys Heavenly Days Relaxing Butter Souffle. There's a really generous helping of product in the packaging and it feels really luxurious. I love popping it on before getting into some loose fitting PJs, an overnight session is always beneficial in my opinion. The gentle floral scent is really pretty, and not at all overpowering, making this product a great treat for anyone who doesn't like to smell like four different flower gardens.

If any of you have tried Champneys I'd love to hear what products you've tried. And ... don't forget to shop savvy in Boots as there is quite often a 3 for 2 offer on Champneys Spa products!
Blooming Fiction lifestyle blog, Champneys beauty products

Blooming Fiction lifestyle blog, Champneys beauty products

Blooming Fiction lifestyle blog, Champneys beauty products



  1. a little at home spa treatment is always needed and i tend to have pamper nights on quite a regular basis. never heard of this brand but they look lovely.


    1. They're lovely Elena! Have you heard of Sanctuary from Boots? Both on a similar level of quality but I prefer the products Champneys offers x


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