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How To Combat Morning Sickness

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Perhaps known as the most common symptom of early pregnancy, morning sickness is one of those things which is hugely misinterpreted in the public eye. Let me set the record straight.

No matter how many times comedians, films, know it all friends and TV shows tell you mundane stories of morning sickness being the burden of their spouse's life every morning, there is one thing to be said. They're all lying.

Morning sickness, to those who've experienced it, is an awful, depressing and highly unfavourable side effect of pregnancy which has been poorly named. Why? Because it can hit you at any time of the day ... or night.

Blooming Fiction lifestyle blog, Creating Life And The Not So Glamourous Side Of Early Pregnancy

Learn more about the unglamorous side of pregnancy in my post, Creating Life And The Not So Glamourous Side Of Early Pregnancy. 

There are many, many, myths and old wives' tales surrounding morning sickness but only a handful of them are actually true. The fact that morning sickness always hits in the morning is a classic example of a myth.

Before trying to combat any nausea or sickness you may be feeling, be aware that there are some basic practises you can carry out to try and make life a little easier for yourself.

None of them will get rid of your sickness sadly but by taking 'baby' steps in looking after yourself, the whole horrid experience can be a little easier.

Easy Activities To Help Alleviate Morning Sickness Symptoms 

Little And Often
Just like many diets and fads outline, eating little and often actually really helps. But not to lose weight. By eating small amounts of food throughout the day you are keeping your stomach lined and less liable to actual vomiting.
Like I said before, this won't completely annihilate the morning sickness, but it will help. A bit.

Take It Easy On The Bending
As you progress through pregnancy it will become more and more difficult to bend. As the baby gets bigger all your insides are squashed up inside you, giving you a much firmer, washboard like, front. Bending is a sure fire way of making you feel queasy, so stop doing it!  
Keep your legs exercised by starting to squat instead of bending. Two birds, one stone.

Sip Your Water
Something some women find, me included, is that gallons of water can make the sickness worse. Even though you can feel extremely dehydrated don't be tempted to gulp down loads of water. Sip it a bit at a time.
Why? Because during your pregnancy your digestive system slows right down. Your body has a lot more to do and monitor so your pipe organs slow to compensate for the extra workload. Sip your water and give your body a chance to process the fluid.

Stand Up Slowly
Whether you're climbing out of bed, getting up off the sofa or moving to the sink in the kitchen, take your time. Ever felt dizzy when you've stood up too quickly? Something as simple as the menial task can be enough to bring up your lunch. Take it easy and don't overdo it.

Keep Calm
Panicking only makes it worse. It isn't the nicest experience to be vomiting 4 or 5 times a day, but by making a fuss you may be exerting extra stress on yourself and your body. This is not good for the baby.
Keep a water bottle close by and take deep breaths whenever you feel nauseous.  

Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, How To Combat Morning Sickness

Got all that mastered? Time to tackle the sickness!

Life can't stop, so combating morning sickness is a challenge you should be ready to tackle. But who do you listen to? Every person you speak to will have an opinion on what you should be doing, but when it comes to pregnancy, it really does differ between every baby bump.

There are foods, exercises and other activities which are stated to be beneficial for morning sickness, but the truth is that you will only know what's right for you once you've tried it.

Trial and error is the only way forward.

There's no right or wrong answer in combatting morning sickness but here's some ideas of what you can try to help alleviate your symptoms and keep your body under control.

Food And Drink To Combat Morning Sickness


Eating certain foods can help to make you feel better and help to push back the feelings of nausea. Not all the foods work for everyone but the 2 major game players are mint and ginger.

Ginger biscuits, crystallised ginger and ginger tea are just 3 examples of ginger infused products which can help. As an example, for me the ginger made me feel worse. But for a friend of the family it became their staple go to food for combatting morning sickness.

Mint has been one of my vices throughout early pregnancy. More specifically, extra strong mints like Trebor. The only things to be careful of when devouring mint for morning sickness is firstly that the sweet based form can be a pretty good laxative when eaten in bulk, the other that mint teas can give you indigestion. Apart from that ... mint is a lifesaver!

As an additional helping hand, keep some dry biscuits or toast by your side of the bed. Climbing out of bed may as well simulate a rocking boat, so keep these close by as a first thing in the morning snack. 


Keep clear of carbonated drinks!!

I can't stress that enough. As one of my first trial pieces, I went through a phase of drinking sparkling water, because someone had suggested it. However, this made me more gassy and more prone to vomiting. Putting it crudely ..... burping clears your airway making it more likely you're actually going to vomit. By all means try drinking it when it's gone flat but keep clear of the bubbles. The same applies for flat lemonade, which some women drink through their entire pregnancy.

Now that you're officially not allowed alcohol and minimal ( really minimal ) amounts of caffeine, your drink options do plummet. The boring but healthy option is to keep yourself hydrated with water. Replace some of the fluid in your body by drinking water throughout the day to stop you keeling over.

Remember not to gulp the water. Just sip it.

Activities Which Can Help Morning Sickness

Get Some Air
With all the fatigue and the general feeling of how awful you feel a breath of fresh air can work wonders. Even just a 10 minute stroll in the garden or a gentle walk along a promenade can help to make you feel better. Use the walk as a distraction to try and take your mind of your morning sickness. Sometimes being sat indoors and having the time to ponder how rubbish you feel can make the situation worse.

Gentle Exercise
This doesn't work for everyone, but according to many pregnant women some gentle exercise in the mornings can really help your body to combat morning sickness. A short walk around the supermarket or a gentle pregnancy yoga class can help you to regulate your body's functions and give you a relatively normal day. 

Bring It Up
A really silly sounding technique but surprisingly effective. If you feel like you're going to vomit, do it. Keeping it in, or swallowing it back down is not going to get rid of your nausea. Once you've brought up the latest it is highly likely you will feel a bit better, especially later on.

If you're worried about being ill at work and you haven't announced your pregnancy yet, maybe confide in your boss so they know what's going on. They may be able to relocate you nearer to a water closet and make some accommodations to help you carry on with your job while spending half the time with your head down the toilet.

If you have any more tips on how to tackle morning sickness I'd love to hear them!


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