Friday, 3 March 2017

Just Say Yes - A Small Word To Change Your Life

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Throughout the year, and especially in the earlier months, all there tends to be are advertisements and campaigns plastered everywhere you look saying to better yourself. The intrusive and sometimes hurtful messages can be more of a hindrance than anything else when it comes to trying to make yourself happier in who you are.

Seeing posters of size zero models does nothing for me to persuade my conscience to diet. In fact it does the opposite, really. It makes me depressed that I don't look like what the 'beautiful' specimen of a woman should look like. Sound familiar?

The way we look, dress, behave and present ourselves is always under speculation and it seems everyone has an opinion on how you 'should' be as a person in order to be considered beautiful or successful. The truth is that all these people are wrong. The only person to dictate your life and how to live it, is you.

Blooming Fiction, book and lifestyle blog, just say yes

There isn't, or has there ever been, a 'right' way to live your life. Speaking from experience, I have come up against many hurdles throughout my life. Many of which have instigated through bullying and a severe lack of self esteem.

Something I always wanted to do was to perform on stage and make people smile. In one class in sixth form (aged 17) I was asked as part of a discussion to announce what I dreamt of doing, and in doing so was mocked and laughed at. Up till this point in my schooling life, the bullies had got the better of me and I actually believed all the malicious things and rumours they spread about me. During this one day my life changed. I said yes and I've never looked back.

I decided that in order for me to be truly happy in my life I needed to be me, despite the critics, haters and bullies. Saying yes to showing them all gave me the courage to apply for stage work and I successfully completed 4 years on the holiday park circuit within the UK as an entertainer. It was the same job that introduced me to my now husband and father to be of my little baby bump. All of this by telling myself yes! Just shows what a difference it can make.
Blooming Fiction, book and lifestyle blog, just say yes

Even now I couldn't say that I'm the most confident person, there are a lot of things I'm still scared of, but by telling myself yes there are many more opportunities looking at me. On my honeymoon in 2014, pictured above, I achieved a lifetime goal that I never dreamed of achieving. My biggest fear is water/ice ( on the ground, not in your drink ) but my lifetime ambition was to stroke a dolphin. However, by persuading myself that I was brave enough, and with the support of my mr holding on for dear life to my life vest, I actually got in to an open enclosure in the sea and had some incredible one on one time with this beautiful dolphin.  

The small but powerful word of yes has gained me so much more life enjoyment and I've accepted who I am as a person. There is no campaign in the world that can tell me I need to be slim or athletic to be happy. Just by saying yes, I believe I have the power to lead a fruitful and wonderful life and I think I'm beautiful in my own way.

Have you tried saying yes to a few more things? Find out what a difference it can make to your life.

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