Thursday, 23 March 2017

Kikki K Stationary Haul

Who doesn't love new stationary to give you that kick up the bum you've been needing since your last stationary haul? Kikki K is a Scandinavian brand I've only just discovered but I've very quickly fallen in love. There's a lot of stores and brands I've looked at before, but none of them have made me spend extra pennies like Kikki K.

Fortunately for me, one of my latest trips to Bluewater shopping center finally brought me face to face with a Kikki K pop up shop and the evidence reveals that I may have splurged a little. Oops.

You may have seen some of the products in these photos before, as I've already started using them as props in my blog photos. Not wanting to splash out a huge amount of money on props which don't really get enough airtime I found some great little trinkets in Kikki K which shone out and said 'take me home'. So I did.

My best purchase of the day was the sheet of wrapping paper with gold embossed squares. Not wanting to merge my photos into the never-ending sea of marble effect blog photos already in the blogosphere, I wanted something different but still eye catching. At Only £3.50 I felt the amount of use I'd get out of the purchase more than warrants spending way more than I normally would on a sheet of wrapping paper.

Although props for photographs are still an area I'm trying to get the knack of, I've seen some blogs use bulldog clips in their images, which I always think look smashing. I haven't achieved the same effect yet but there's plenty of time for me to get that right. I originally picked up the bronze clip and then couldn't decide whether I wanted the gold one instead. So I bought both.

While on the topic of props, I want to point out the set of three metal trays. One gold, one bronze and one silver, these little trays are super pretty but a tricky tool to master. Seeing my own reflection with camera in hand is not a photo I want but I seem to have become an expert of capturing it very quickly. Working on new angles I've managed to capture some of the essence of these trays, but any photo will not do them justice. They are gorgeous!

Last of all is a lovely gold embossed greeting card which I have no intention of giving to ANYONE. I've been after a foil card ( to join the craze ) for ages and after seeing this I couldn't think of anywhere better to have this card than at home with me. Currently using it as yet another photo prop, this card will eventually be placed in a frame or attached with a bulldog clip to one of those metal grids on a wall somewhere. But for now .... I'm quite happy to leave it in my prop box and dig it out when I need a little pep talk.

What do you think of these lovely stationary bits? Have you bought any Kikki K goodies?

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