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Puzzle Girl Book Tour

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Clued-up career girl Cassy Brookes has life under control until one disastrous morning changes everything.
When she finds herself stuck in a doctor’s surgery, a cryptic message left in a crossword magazine sends her on a search to find the mysterious ‘puzzle-man’ behind it.
Cassy is soon torn between tracking down her elusive dream guy, and outwitting her nightmare workmate, the devious Martin. 
Facing a puzzling love-life, will she ever be able to fit the pieces together and discover the truth behind this enigmatic man?

Puzzle Girl
by Rachael Featherstone
Publisher: Accent Press Ltd
Publish Date: 16 Mar. 2017
ISBN-10: 1786150263
ISBN-13: 978-1786150264
Rating: 4/5

Book Review

Where on Earth do you start with a book as delightful and vibrant as this one?

Puzzle Girl landed on my desk at the beginning of February and I instantly fell in love with the cover. Not only is it attractive, but it's really creative and colourful. When you're looking to create a book cover that stands out, this has it down to a tee!

Following Cassy around as she battles a demonic co worker and a mystery man who loves a cryptic clue or two, Puzzle Girl tells the story of how an organised career girl finds her world tipped upside down and is soon enduring a much more interesting ride.

What I really liked about Puzzle Girl is how light hearted but realistic it was. In a scenario that would have you picturing Bridget Jones from time to time, there's a guilty pleasure about this book that makes you laugh at the most everyday things. Those things you know we do, but until it's pointed out it .... it has never been so funny!

Something else I enjoyed were the little emails included in the storytelling. A little like Fifty Shades Of Grey, the emails give you more to the story and add another twist to make you snigger with delight, apprehension and false modesty.

Without giving away any spoilers ... all I can say about Puzzle Girl is if you love How To Get A Love Life and You And Me Always , you will love this book!!!

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Puzzle Girl

Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, Puzzle Girl Book Tour

Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, Puzzle Girl Book Tour



  1. Now I want to give this a read!!!

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