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How To Start A Frugal Life

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Have you ever looked at your bank account on payday and fist pumped the air? Only then to pay your bills and slam your head on the table when you see what's left? We've all been there .. some of us too many times ... so it's time to start taking control of your pennies and put some money away to save for a rainy day.

But where do you start?

The aspect of saving cash is daunting and, most times out of ten, feels like a goal you can never achieve. But saving money doesn't need to be hard. In fact it's surprisingly easy to start saving cash. A little at a time. And the plus side? You don't have to live without the things you love!

Intrigued? Read on!

Saving money is often looked at as a chore and a lot of hard work. But in reality putting money aside is surprisingly simple and it soon mounts up to something amazing. Just popping extra change into a jar can soon pay for a takeaway or that pair of shoes you spotted in the sale.

If the thought of having extra cash at the end of the day gets your heart pumping or your fingers scrolling for new wardrobe staples ... take a look at these easy ideas below on how you can start making your pennies spread further.

Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, How To Start A Frugal Life

How To Start A Frugal Life

At Home

  1. Keep tatty shoes to use in the garden. You don't want to get mud on your new ones do you?
  2. Don't buy a money jar or tin. Recycle a coffee jar - after you've washed it out!
  3. Use a has been pair of trousers to make a draught excluder. Great for doors and windows, every little warmth counts!
  4. Made a mistake on a piece of paper? Don't throw it! Flip it over and rip into half - great for shopping lists!
  5. Run out of vinegar or olive oil? Scrub off the label and wash out for an unusual looking vase for a rose or two.
  6. Keep old muslin cloths - wash them and use as a duster.
  7. Keep scraps off art and craft paper to make an abstract bookmark. Or you'll have to fork out some of your shoe money.
  8. Reprogram your printer. If you need to print, use both sides of the paper. If you don't know how, check your manual or ask Google for free.
  9. Use worn bedsheets as scraps of material for oil checks on your car.
  10. Re-use old towels to make a new bathmat. Cut them and stitch them to create something new an unique for your home.

Spending Habits

  1. Buy wrapping paper in bulk. Buy a roll instead of individual sheets to save money. No room to keep it? Cut it in to usable chunks, fold and store in a drawer in your desk or wherever you've hidden the presents.
  2. Put away 10% of your earnings every month. And leave them there! Live off 90% of your money to see your savings start moving in the right direction.
  3. Leave your debit card at home. Take cash with you so you can't overspend.
  4. Set a weekly budget and save the rest. Set a budget for a week, take out the cash, then pop your remaining pennies into a jar. Do this each week to treat yourself once a month.
  5. Fakeaways! Love a takeaway or three a week? Cut back slowly and swap for fakeaways. Make your own KFC or grab a Chinese banquet from your local supermarket. Loads cheaper and you spend some extra quality time with your loved ones.
  6. No more standby. The amount of electricity wasted through gadgets being on standby is ridiculous! Make the most of your money and switch it off. The savings can be amazing!
  7. Make use of the Christmas sales! Why spend loads of cash at Christmas when you don't have to? Buy your boxes of cards and wrapping paper cheaper in January to save yourself some pennies at the most expensive time of the year.
  8. Make a swear jar. Or any other alternative you can think of. Save the pennies without even thinking about it and watch the pennies turn into pounds.
  9. Do you need it now? Wait a month or two to buy the DVD your want, or get someone else to buy it for you. It will still be the same film at half the price.
  10. Fancy a coffee? Cut down the amount of coffees you drink out by grabbing some pods for your coffee machine at home. If you like Costa, buy a pack of 8 lattes for a fiver, instead of having one out for around £3.

Budgeting For Bloggers

  1. Save money on photo editing software. Need to brighten, sharpen or crop? Use free sites online like or to do the job for free.
  2. Don't buy books on how to be a successful blogger. Every blog is different as much as every blogger is different. Use social sites like Pinterest to find ideas on how to better your blog the way you want to do it.
  3. Make your media kit downloadable. Use sites like Google Drive to store files which other parties can download - with your permission. Save printing and postage costs, and look more professional at the same time.
  4. Add free widgets. The Internet is teeming with free widgets for your blog. Get searching and soon find some great extras to make your blog stand out for free.
  5. Free advertising. Ever heard of guest blogging? Writing a guest blog for another site means you gain exposure with no cost to your bank balance. Add a link to your work and see the traffic shift.
  6. Be creative with photo props. Who says you need to go and buy some products just to use in photos? Use interesting colours and textures from around your home to bring a unique life and look to your snaps.
  7. Get crafty with your mobile phone. Many phone cameras have just the same amount of pixels as DSLR cameras. They may not have as many settings ... but with free sites to brighten and enhance your photos online, why pay more?
  8. Use nature as she intended. Pop outside and take snaps next to wild flourishes of flowers. Set the self timer, or use your friends, to take amazing shots without having to buy oodles of flowers which probably came from the same place.
  9. Don't pay someone to find you blog opportunities. There are many free blogger outreach programs on the web so type in your niche to find free places to meet other virtual bloggers and find the opportunities right for your blog.
  10. Make amazing collages and infographics for free. Head over to for free templates to create your own blog headers, Pinterest pins and social media ads for free. Use pictures, texts and fonts for no cost to you! 


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