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Pregnancy In The Second Trimester - What's It Really Like?

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As I'm writing this I simple can't believe that I'm already in my third trimester of pregnancy. As if the countdown to Christmas each year didn't show how fast time flies ... pregnancy really sends it home how quick life passes before your eyes.

It feels like only yesterday that I was writing my first pregnancy post, Creating Life And The Not So Glamorous Side Of Early Pregnancy, and pouring out my heart of how hard the first few months had truly been. Now here I am having already written a guide for other expectant mums on How To Combat Morning Sickness, and now writing a little catch up on my second trimester.

Going Through The Motions

It's always difficult to put in to words how you're feeling when most of the time the short answer is tired. Asking how a pregnant lady is feeling is a nice gesture ,but I always feel my answer never changes regardless of how many weeks gone I am. Unfortunately for me, the morning sickness never went away entirely and my sleeping patterns just got worse despite how tired I feel, and felt, during the day.

Although the second trimester of pregnancy is considered to be the most 'comfortable' of the three, it doesn't get much easier. Some women are really lucky and feel amazing throughout most of their pregnancy. Me like many others, have not been so fortunate and look forward to bed time every night to get a break from bringing back your last meal.

Needless to say, aside from the awful side effects that nature bestows upon pregnant women, there are also some lovely plus sides to the experience.

Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, Pregnancy In The Second Trimester

The Positives

Something I have really enjoyed is feeling the first movements of the baby. It's an odd and completely weird feeling but at the same time it's magical and I wouldn't change it for the world. Having what feels like someone running up the inside of my baby bump is a funny feeling and no matter how long my Mr holds on to the bump, he will never fully appreciate the sensation. Even when the baby decides it isn't sharing mummy and kicks his hand off. Unfortunately this did actually happen ... I found it hilarious!

I can't move on to anything else before mentioning the kicks. Everyone gushes about wanting to feel the baby kick so let me enlighten you. Unborn's do not kick on demand! The amount of times I've had friends/colleagues/family leave disappointed because baby didn't play is amazing. The kicks aren't always strong enough in your second trimester to feel on the outside, so perhaps leave it a bit longer to start getting your close ones get touchy feely with your bump.

My second favourite acknowledgement of the second trimester is the bump ice breaker. Having a baby bump makes you an incredible magnet in social situations. I attended a charity event with my husband and the amount of people who approached me was staggering! I'd never felt so popular in all my life. Having a bump makes it easy for people to talk to you and of course it gives you something to talk to them about. I'm not the most confident in social situations so this was a godsend for me and it has continued to be since that evening. 

The Negatives

In addition to the highlights of new found communication and playtime in my belly, there have been some struggles that you may or may not want to hear about.

The first being my boobs. I'm putting them first because even as I type they feel uncomfortable because yet again I need to pick up a larger bra. Up till now I have only picked up new 'temporary' bras from Primark because ... put simply ... they keep getting bigger. As I'm now in my third trimester I'm now looking for proper nursing wear but at the same time I still need to find something that fits. I'm not someone who can just go and get measured. I'm a shy person, and although all my inhibitions will be out of the window on delivery day, I want to remain my own person for as long as I can.

Next up is the bending issue. As I work part time in a store it became progressively difficult for me to bend over, no surprises there. But, what really caused me pain was the feeling of an internal bruise at the top of my baby bump. After searching the web for an explanation, I discovered that this was essentially the top of the baby's womb knocking against my ribcage. The advice of sitting and standing straight is all well, but when slouching against a pile of cushions is the most comfy position you've found in days it's a bit of a catch 22. My advice is to start squatting and limit bending.

My final struggle, because I don't want to worry new mums too much, has been the slight strain on my breathing. It hasn't been so serious that I've needed to go to hospital, so don't panic just yet, but as all your insides are being squashed to make room for baby it is a lot easier to get worn out. Being an active person, not through exercise I'm ashamed to admit, this has been a struggle for me and I hated not being able to keep up with those who were still walking at a 'normal' pace.

Aside from all the ups and downs of the second trimester, I feel like I'm as ready as I'll ever be to meet my baby and we'll learn together how to get through infancy and the most amazing years of our lives.

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