Thursday, 27 April 2017

Priming Up With Kiko

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A new kind of product to me, primers have never been anything on my must have list and to be honest I didn't see the point in them, until a lovely lady at Urban Decay explained how primers form a barrier so your skin drinks that first before your foundation. Makes sense!
I have skin that I can only describe as a pain in the bum. One day it is greasy and full of blemishes, the next it's drier than the Sahara with more flakes than an ice cream. During my pregnancy my skin has been drying out more, and faster, than ever so I've really had to up my game in moisturizing. But in regards to my face, any moisturizer I have used has been sucked dry within minutes of application, leaving my foundation looking crumbly and quite unsightly. This is when I finally made the decision to try out a primer.

Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, Kiko Primer Review

Jumping to a cruelty free brand, because that's how I roll now, I visited my local Kiko store to take a peek at what was on offer. A pushy sales rep ( not being rude, they actually were quite in my face ) introduced me to three primers in stock and presumed I knew what she was talking about. Not wanting to look daft I picked the primer I thought would be the most hydrating for my hellish skin. This happened to be the Radiant Boost primer.  
The Radiant Boost primer claims to be fast absorbing and highly effective at brightening your complexion. Applying after my moisturizer, I find the product to be relatively quick at being absorbed but I wouldn't say fast as claimed. Swigging down several mouthfuls of decaff coffee, I wait to apply my Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation then carry on the rest of my daily makeup look. 
Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, Kiko Primer Review

Once on, the primer does seem to reflect more light as stated in it's description on the Kiko website. In the photo above I have applied the primer to one side of my hand. Can you tell which side?
Although I love how it makes my skin a little more illuminated, I'm finding that the Radiant Boost primer isn't delivering a huge amount of impact once makeup is applied. At £12.90 for not a lot of product I don't think the purchase is value for money but it's okay if you want a quick pick me up boost for your skin. For me personally, I intend to keep looking for a primer which is super moisturizing for dry skin.
If you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them!

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