Thursday, 13 April 2017

Smelling Fresh For Spring With Michael Buble

Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, Smelling Fresh For Spring With Michael Buble

Spring is definitely here and I expect you can't wait to pull out all your pastels from their hibernation in your closet. My Vero Moda mint blouse is beckoning me with a come hither gesture but I'm thinking it'll have to wait till it gets a tad warmer first.

Something I love about spring is making the transition from musky scents to light and bouncy ones. Back over the winter months, I forget when exactly, I was incredibly lucky to win a competition on Twitter. I could hardly believe my luck as I hardly ever win anything! I was mega excited because the prize happened to be this delightful fragrance from Michael Buble.

Usually I'm against most celebrity perfumes, just because I don't like them. Harsh but true. However, in addition to my love of some of Kylie Minogue's fragrances ( in particular Music Box ), I was excited to try the debut scent from Bubbles, as I like to call him, because he seems like a down to Earth guy and his songs are pretty good too.

Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, Smelling Fresh For Spring With Michael Buble

Aside from the obvious fact that Michael Buble is an incredibly talented singer, and likes to come out of his cave at Christmas, what instantly strikes me is the affordability of this fragrance.

So many perfumes are racked up way out of many people's buying budgets, mine included, so we instantly think that we have to buy the cheap and nasty alternatives. Only with By Invitation, there is nothing nasty or second rate about it.

For those interested in the notes of the scent, they are the following:

  • Top Notes - Red fruits and Bergamot
  • Heart Notes - Lily of the Valley, Elegant Rose, Spicy Peony and Wild Jasmine
  • Base Notes - Sandalwood Musk and Vanilla Praline

In contrast to the vast number of floral influences listed, I find the overall scent to be something sweet, enticing and luxurious. I'm not keen on super sweet fragrances but By Invitation completely nails an in-between approach which doesn't come across too fruity or too floral.

Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, Smelling Fresh For Spring With Michael Buble

Looking at the packaging of the fragrance I have to say I feel a magnetic pull to the art deco era. Hints at the appearance of one of the old fashioned atomisers really strikes a cool note with me and it looks amazing as a dressing table ornament.

A daft confession is that when I first opened up the box containing the fragrance, I honestly thought I'd broken the bottle. True story. A very large gap around the glass was a little disconcerting until I finally figured out that the 'gap' was part of the design. Phew.

The gold bracelet around the perfume bottle adds an extra layer of elegance to the product, which I really like! I've seen so many bottles that look really similar to each other, namely the bigger brands, but this bottle really stands out! Having this unique design at such an affordable price really makes this fragrance one to contend with the big guns.

If you're looking for a budget fragrance which is pretty, fragrant and expensive looking .... this is definitely one for you to try!

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