Thursday, 11 May 2017

Benefits of Aloe Vera In Haircare

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When I first started 'getting into' beauty and buying my own products at home, one of the first ingredients I came to know was aloe vera. I'm no expert in botany, but I've always known that there are some extracts and resources which have multiple benefits when used on a regular basis.
Aloe vera contains some super properties which are highly beneficial when used as part of your hair care ... which in turn could potentially save you loads of cash on hair treatments. We all like a good pamper, but imagine using that cash on your next manicure or haircut instead!
To get my regular dosage of aloe vera, I use the Superdrug Aloe Vera & Mango Shampoo and Conditioner. Not only is it really affordable, and often on offer, but it's great for your hair!! The truth is that the cheaper shampoos are actually better for your hair because they don't contain as much 'rubbish'. Just something I learnt from my hairdresser.

So what does aloe vera do for your hair?
  1. Scalp. Primarily, aloe vera is known as a great agent for soothing burns and soothing the skin. Easily applicable to your head, the aloe vera can calm down any inflammation or burns, like sunburn, whilst delivering some beneficial properties to your hair. The aloe vera can also help to alleviate any itching.
  2. Moisture. Hair can easily become dried out and damaged after all the constant styling and straightening it goes through. Aloe vera has a useful property, similar to coconut oil, that helps to lock in extra moisture and keep your locks hydrated. Keeping moisture levels up ensures that your barnet looks luscious and nourished throughout the day.
  3. Dandruff. Being used for sunburns isn't the only impeccably useful task that aloe vera has. With the remarkable property of being able to break down dead skin cells, aloe vera is a remarkable aid in treating dandruff. Whether you suffer from dandruff due to dry skin or illness, using aloe vera can help to reduce dandruff for as long as you are using it. Hence why it is particularly good to have shampoo products already enriched with aloe vera.

So in summary, aloe vera is a super dead and dry skin fighting machine that keeps your locks nourished and looking great every time you use it. 

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