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Makeup Revolution Focus And Fix Liquid Concealer

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Makeup Revolution is one of those brands that I've wanted to try for AGES but have never been able to get my hands on a physical product. But since the Superdrug store in Bluewater, my local store, had a full out refit I have finally obtained some of their products.
As regular readers know I'm expecting my first baby in a matter of weeks so money has been tight for a while. But a dilemma where I ran out of concealer and an impending case of sleepless nights heading my way... it just had to be done to obtain a new concealer to hide the little baggies under my eyes.
With Makeup Revolution being such an affordable ( and cruelty free ) brand I knew that this was the brand I wanted to try for my next concealer.

By the way, if you like cruelty free brands in beauty, take a look at my product review of Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish.
Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, Makeup Revolution Focus And Fix Liquid Concealer

Having previously used the Miss Sporty Perfect Stay Concealer I knew that a liquid based concealer was right for me, so the Makeup Revolution Focus And Fix seemed the natural product for me to jump to. I have to admit that my usual concealer shade of choice is Ivory or Light, but on this occasion I chose Fair, the next shade up the chart, to bring a little more colour to my face during the warmer months. 
Buying on budget means that the quality of packaging doesn't mean the world to me as it's the product I'm after. But despite only costing £2, the look and general feel of the product is a close match for some other high street brands, which cost three times the price. The sleek tube is travel friendly and fits perfectly into even the smallest makeup bag. 


Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, Makeup Revolution Focus And Fix Liquid Concealer

Something I will mention is that on opening the product there is a plastic - y smell to the concealer solution. It isn't a pungent smell but it isn't the nicest smelling product on the market. That being said ... application of the product is easy and mess free, making it ideal for application in a hurry or for a quick touch up if needed.
The Focus And Fix Concealer has been with me now for a couple of weeks and it has proven to be a great value for money product. As a staple item to any makeup routine, I've found the concealer to be next to perfect for sorting out any unexpected blemishes and my growing dark circles under my eyes. I'm loving the more coloured shade to my usual go to shade of concealer as it doesn't make me look as pale and adds a little life to the eye area.
Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, Makeup Revolution Focus And Fix Liquid Concealer

The consistency of the Focus And Fix Concealer is substantial enough to do the job, however it is not thick enough to last the entire day. As the price is only £2 I can't really complain about the staying power too much, but if you were looking for a concealer to really last, this wouldn't be it.

In my daily routine I'm generally not out and about for more than a few hours so the Focus And Fix Concealer provides ample coverage for my needs. A top up when needed is not something I fret about, but if I have a full face of makeup on including highlighter etc I would stick to a more long lasting product.

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