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Preparing For Motherhood

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I'm huddled at my desk writing this post on the 8th of May, because who knows .. when this post goes live I may be rocking in the corner through lack of sleep and burst ear drums. Regular readers will know that I'm expecting my first baby and as much as I'd love to say I'm excited .. I'm terrified!!!
Starting a family is incredibly scary and expensive. But at the same time it's the start of a new chapter once all the awful pregnancy symptoms have gone.
You can read about my initial pregnancy thoughts in my blog post about the not so glamorous first trimester. 

Preparing for motherhood has been a bit of a struggle, if I'm completely honest. Of course everyone is different and there are different circumstances for having an impending family. But when you never intended to be a mother and the father is perhaps showing some signs of pre baby blues, it can be hard to gear up for the big event.
But since baby has it's own diary .. and isn't willing to share ... the preparations must needlessly go ahead ready for D Day.
Preparing to be a mother is all about taking care of yourself as well as your unborn. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've been told to look after myself during my pregnancy. I lost count ages ago. Making the most of the peace is a very hard thing to do as you only notice it when you no longer have it. This being said ... I have thoroughly enjoyed picking up an extra book or two to relish in the quiet hours of the day when it's just me and the bump.
If you're currently preparing to be a mother, here are some handy tips I've found to be particularly useful when you're tired of listening to people telling you to take it easy.

Preparing For Motherhood

Take More Baths
Even if you are more favourable to the roasting hot baths you're used to, make sure you tone down the temperature as the last thing you want is a cooked baby. It's all common sense but if your temperature goes up so will baby's. Having a bath is an amazing way to cheaply alleviate back pain, Braxton hicks contractions and have some good old you time.
Even more so with bump, I find that applying a face mask at the same time as being in the bath made me feel even more relaxed and enticed me to stay in slightly longer until it was time to remove the mask. Plus, as you progress through your pregnancy you may also notice that your baby bump actually really likes baths and will have a good wriggle while you're in there.
Eat It Because Bump Says So
Snacking in pregnancy is of course a class A way of gaining weight, not always wanted, but it helps on so many levels. As baby grows, all your bits and pieces get squashed meaning you can't eat as much in one go. Little and often is definitely the way to do it. Plus if you fancy something like a bag of crisps or ice cream on toast ... eat it!
Being pregnant gives you every excuse you need to eat what you want without feeling guilty. Plus ... with all the foods you're not supposed to be eating you need to get your kicks from somewhere.
Snacking also helps with the dreaded morning sickness! Read my top tips for combating the famed pregnancy symptom and learn the truth about what it's really like.
Treat Yourself
Is there a handbag you've been eyeing up or some makeup you've wanted to try since forever? Buy it! As this time in your life you may start to feel a little redundant. All your family and friends are interested in the baby and often forget to think about mum, i.e. you.
Feeling like just the carrier isn't much fun so treat yourself to something nice since everyone else is treating baby with a new wardrobe, toys, teddies, toiletries and sometimes annoying baby bump rubs and pokes.
Got Some Energy? Use It!
Your third trimester is like the first one but often worse. Being tired a lot of the time can be thoroughly exhausting so when that magical moment arrives when you feel super charged and ready to face the moment, even for half an hour, use that time to do what you feel like doing.
Nesting often hits you at the end of your pregnancy but throughout the third trimester you will be presented with times of energy rushes. If you feel like gutting out the fridge, do it. If you want to bop through the sitting room to an old 90's CD, do it! Energy is precious during pregnancy so use it and enjoy doing something active for a little while.   
Smile At Anyone Who Says Don't Overdo It
Even if it's a sarcastic smile while you're thinking it's already a bit late for that.
While you're trying to work out whether it's you or the baby they're worried about ... take the time to pay a little attention to what's being said. It becomes annoying that you can't do half the stuff you want to throughout the day, but like your new eating habits little and often is very effective. 
Sit down when you're out of puff and get going again when you're ready. Being stubborn and finishing the job first can be counteractive which leaves you with swollen 'cankles' and the overwhelming desire to doze off on the sofa. If it's housework that is the deign of your day, leave the big jobs for your partner's day off so you can do it together.  


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