Friday, 19 May 2017

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Skincare Range

Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Skincare Range

The Body Shop is a store which I feel I haven't given enough credit to over the years. The incredible products and amazing cruelty free outlook of the brand is enough to send any beauty lover in to a frenzy, so why has it taken me so long to cotton on to the amazing products?
Being brought up on a very tight budget is probably largely responsible for my tight belt, but my depletion of savings over the last handle of years, for various reasons, has left me thinking that perhaps the value of money is in the eye of the product you're looking at buying. I'd rather spend that tiny bit extra to buy a product which supports the abolishment of animal testing rather than a cheap product which isn't as good and has come from a nasty place. So with this being one of my latest revelations in life .. me and The Body Shop have hugged and are now making up for lost time. 

Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Skincare Range

But in saying that .. why pay more than you have to? I recently indulged in a little shopping trip to my local store in Bluewater shopping centre with a lovely money off voucher.
Click through this voucher snap below to grab some money off your shopping!


I'm completely honest in admitting that most of my purchases were for gifts, but since the delightful Mojito range is nowhere in sight for the moment, I decided to try out the stunning Fuji Green Tea range.

There's a great selection of products in the range including a hand cream and a bath infuser, but my choices ended up being the Fuji Green Tea Shower Gel and the Gel Lotion. 

Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Skincare Range

Starting off with the Gel Lotion, which I can't find on the website ... perhaps a store only product ... was a last minute pick up at the till point as one item for me just wasn't enough! At only 60mls this is a small bottle I intend to keep for travel purposes as not only is it the perfect travel companion size ... it's also a great non greasy formula which absorbs really quickly. And it of course it smells amazing too! As an indication as to how fast the Gel Lotion absorbs .. I applied some product to my hand / wrist at the beginning of this paragraph and it has already completely gone! 
As much as I love the Gel Lotion ... my intentional purchase was the Fuji Green Tea Shower Gel. As one of my absolute favourites out of The Body Shop collection, the shower gels need no effort at all in pulling me in to give them a good sniff. The refreshing scent of crisp Japanese green tea is utterly delightful and does an amazing job as a late afternoon / early evening treat. Enough to relax you, but not as effective as lavender for sleep purposes, the scent lingers on your skin long enough for you to feel indulged without an over powerful scent wafting up your nose. 
If you've never used a shower gel from The Body Shop I'll just let you know that you don't need a huge amount at a time. The product bubbles up marvelously and gives you a lather that can easily rival ( and better ) much more expensive brands. In addition to the generous lather, the Fuji Green Tea Shower Gel is also soap free. An added bonus if you are sensitive to certain products.  
Have you tried The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea range yet?


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