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The New Beginnings Coffee Club Book Review

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Jenny Masters finds herself living the modern dream. Wife to a millionaire, living in a mansion and mother to Kardashian-obsessed ten-year-old April, there isn’t anything missing. Until, her whole world comes crashing down, forcing Jenny and April to leave behind their glittering life and start over with nothing.
With village gossip following her wherever she goes, she finds refuge and a job in the new coffee shop in town. As the days pass Jenny fears she doesn’t have what it takes to pick herself back up and give April the life she always wanted to. But with the help of enigmatic new boss Noah, and housemate Elle, Jenny realises it’s never too late to become the woman life really intended you to be!
The New Beginnings Coffee Club
by Samantha Tonge
Publisher: HQ Digital
Publish Date: 5 May 2017
Rating: 3.5/5
*Digital PR copy received for an honest review


The New Beginnings Coffee Club has been my second read by Samantha Tonge, the first being How To Get Hitched In Ten Days. I wasn't a massive fan of the wedding themed novella but I thought since The New Beginnings Coffee Club was a full length I may enjoy it more. So I gave it a bash.
Thanks to the kind team at HQ Digital for letting me read a digital copy I finished off the book within three days and although there was a good storyline .. it didn't really set off any I can't live without this book vibes. 
The plot of The New Beginnings Coffee Club follows the unexpected marital breakdown of Jenny's seemingly happy relationship with her husband. Following some shocking revelations she makes the hasty decision to move out of the family home and start building a new life for herself and her daughter. 
Adding an extra twist to the change of circumstances is the fact that Jenny has to once again become accustomed to a life where money really does focus on every single penny. Not initially popular with her little one, the story is basically the reverse of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.
Despite loving the general storyline, the execution of the characters left much to be desired. With children saying words of wisdom that are beyond even me at the ripe age of 30, I found it difficult to believe in the reality of the people being created in the book. The newfound love interest, Noah, did add some interest to the leading lady's life but for me the sex scenes were poorly written and I found myself rolling my eyes instead of paying all my attention on the scenes unfolding.
It's these niggling factors, plus the obvious attack on half the British population near the beginning of the book ( namely revolving around the Brexit issue ) that makes me give this book only 3.5 out of 5. Although I'm not against politics being included in fictional reads, I do feel that blatant comments and remarks about certain issues should not be used as snidy, unneeded comments from characters in books.

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