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Fast Relaxation Techniques

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Do you ever find that there are simply not enough hours in the day to do everything? Cooking, cleaning, working, socialising and bringing up a family fill up time effortlessly and if you're anything like me ... it feels like there is no time to unwind or de-stress. Rubbing your temples for 10 seconds whilst waiting for baby milk to warm is not enough time to rest when you're constantly rushing around looking after everyone else. Making time for yourself is so important. But what if you can only spare 10 minutes ... if that?
With a newborn entering my life I've found that naturally my 'me' time has significantly plummeted but I'm still making time to relax and keep my feet firmly on the ground. Relaxation doesn't need to be a long task which you have absolutely no time for. If you use time effectively you'll be amazed at the difference it can make to your mood and stress levels.
Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, 5 Easy Activities To Help You Sleep
If sleep is more of an issue, rather than relaxing, you may find my blog post 5 Easy Activities To Help You Sleep more useful.

So what activities can you do in order to feel more relaxed in 10 minutes or less?
You'd be amazed how many options there are once you start thinking about it! I've compiled a list of my favourite 5 activities I use to help me relax when time is definitely against me. Try them out yourself and see if you get the same results.
Play Your Favourite Song - 3 minutes
Have you got a song that you just love? One that makes you smile and want to prance around the kitchen like no one's watching? This is the song you need to play. Increase your level of endorphins by popping on your favourite song. Only instead of pressing play and wandering off to continue your list of things to do - stand by the player and listen to the song. If you can't help but bop away to the beat ... go for it! In just 3 magical minutes you will have a smile on your face and your troubles will have melted away, even if it's just for those 3 minutes.
Need some ideas? How about hitting play on a CD you haven't listened to for ages! Hearing a song you used to love listening to on repeat has incredible powers of not only making you feel happier ... but it can also trigger some great memories too. Something I like listening to is Mr Blue Sky by ELO.

Meditation - 10 minutes

Meditation isn't to everyone's taste and it often sounds like something which is incredibly dull and long winded. I never used to see the point in meditation until I was once commissioned to write an article highlighting the benefits of Chakra meditation.

Even with just 10 minutes you can easily recuperate some of your energy and stress levels by taking 10  minutes to sit somewhere quiet and completely withdraw yourself from the outside world.

The only bit of advice I can give is to find the quietest area of your home and close yourself away, even if it leaves you sitting in an empty bathtub in the dark. If you have children, ask your partner to take them, just for 10 minutes, so you can have a moment.

If you've never tried meditation start off by taking a seat on the floor, somewhere quiet with no distractions and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and empty your mind. Listen to the silence and feel yourself become more aware of your surroundings. Try this basic stage for the first few times then add some calming music or candles to heighten your experience.

If you need an extra boost to get you in to the 'zone' for meditation, try adding some essential oil into a bowl of warm water in front of you. Inhaling a few breaths of your favourite essential oil will kick start your frame of mind and help your relaxing hormones start flowing.   

Take A Brisk Walk - 5 / 10 minutes

The saying of blowing away the cobwebs is never wrong when it comes to taking time for yourself. If you feel stressed, angry or overwhelmed a quick walk can be all you need to rebalance and relax a little.

Take a step away from everyone, even if it's just once around the block, to take some breaths and get a grip on your emotions. If you are fortunate enough ... take a pause in the garden, a park or by a river to practise some deep breathing and let the wind quite literally sweep out the rubbish.

Do Something Therapeutic - 10 minutes

Therapy can be so cheap and easy! Everyone is different ... but there are activities you can do at home which can help relax you with minimal effort.

An easy to obtain activity is an adult colouring book. The craze has dipped a bit now but there are still loads of colouring books you can pick up at stupidly cheap prices. Why should kids have all the fun?

Sit down at the kitchen table, on the floor or on your bed and pull open the zipper on your pencil case. Colouring is a relaxing and peaceful activity which can easily become a regular hobby to give you that 'me' time you need and deserve. Other therapeutic activities include cross stitch, painting and maybe even knitting if you know how.

Have A Quick Massage - 10 minutes

Massage is an incredible technique which can provide staggering results even in a short space of time. Aches and pains can often get in the way at the best of times, even more so when you are constantly battling to keep a newborn baby clean and fed.

While your baby is napping, or when you just have a magical 10 minutes spare ... ask your partner to massage your shoulders or feet. Adding some essential oil to a base oil, a 10 minute massage can relieve some of the stress or tension that has built up in your muscles.

Your shoulders and feet work incredibly hard throughout your life, quite often without you even thinking about it. Even if your partner isn't a trained masseuse, just having someone pay attention to you and helping you to relax can make up for the lack of qualifications. Two of the best essential oils you can use to aid relaxation are Lavender and Peppermint. 
What activities do you indulge in for a 10 minute relaxation fix?


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