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Ideal Gifts For A Baby Shower

Previously a largely American outfit, baby showers have made their way across the pond to us in the UK and are rapidly becoming more of a thing.
Essentially the same as a bridal shower, a small party is held for the mother to be and bump to celebrate the upcoming new arrival. There's no specific protocol for a baby shower but when it comes to finding the perfect gift to bring along it can you leave you a little stumped.
After my own baby shower I wanted to share some insight into what gifts will be the most beneficial to the mother to be and her growing baby bump. Any gifts are of course welcome, but if you want to buy something which will really be of use, take a look through my list of 6 gifts that every expectant mother, and father, would love to receive.

6 Gifts To Bring To A Baby Shower

*Disposables. It's a commonly known fact that babies make a lot of mess. They can't help it of course but poor mum, and dad, have the hard task of keeping baby clean at all times. Disposables such as nappies, baby wipes and bathroom toiletries can all mount up in cost so why not give the parents a little help buy picking up some essentials. Remember, if you're going to grab some nappies there are different sizes to get so 'newborn' may not always be the best option. Go for the next size up.
*Clothes. A really easy buy and a great excuse to look at clothes in miniature, baby clothes are a great gift for expectant parents. Whether you know the gender of the baby or not, there are plenty of options available for buying clothes for the new arrival. Sleepsuits, bodysuits, mitts, socks, hats and booties are all welcome but like the nappy situation, remember that some babies are quite big when they're born. Meaning they may not fit into 'newborn' clothing.
*Vouchers. Money can be extremely tight with a newborn on the way so money vouchers can be a huge help. A voucher for a baby store like Mothercare or Babies R' Us will allow mum to get any left over supplies needed for the new arrival. New parents like to buy some pieces themselves so vouchers can really make a big difference in giving baby the best start in life.
*Nursery aids. Toys are of course a great gift for children, but for a baby shower you should be more inclined to look a little closer to home. Preparing a nursery is a fun and exciting step towards preparing for a new family but there is so much to buy! Useful aids you can pick up include room thermometers, nappy disposal bins, wall transfers and laundry baskets.
*New mum essentials. The baby bump will be getting most of the attention but don't forget there's a new mummy attached to the bump. New mums need a lot of disposables and toiletries after birth as well so let her know she has your help. New mums need breast pads, maternity pads, nipple cream, bio oil and cocoa butter to help get them started on their brand new role. These small items may not look much to you, but they are incredibly handy and very welcome.
*Something for dad. After baby and mum lapping up the attention, it's very common for dad to feel very left out of the picture. Not only does he not get to feel the baby's movements properly but he doesn't get to bond until the baby arrives. Dad depression is a thing and sadly goes unnoticed on too many occasions. Grab something for dad to enjoy, which won't take his attention away from the upcoming event. Comedy baby manuals and male pamper treats are good ideas as well as some t-shirts saying 'I've been promoted to daddy' or something similar. 
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