Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Why It's Okay To Be An Introvert

Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, Why It's Okay To Be An Introvert

After reading an article in the June edition of Glamour, I felt compelled to write a blog post about this sometimes sensitive issue of being an introvert. I've always been classed as the 'quiet one' throughout my life and it's always been depicted as being a bad thing. Being told to 'speak up' and 'join in' are actually quite hurtful at times, when it just isn't in your nature to do either of those things. So I'm writing this article to say it's okay to be an introvert and you shouldn't be ashamed of it.
Extroverts are often the 'popular' ones in the crowd who are upbeat, outgoing and, more often than not, the centre of attention. This kind of lifestyle doesn't appeal to everyone and it seems that introverts are left in the dark because of this lifestyle decision. Until recently.
It seems that being an introvert is actually coming into fashion these days. Babbling about the first thing that comes into your head or dominating a room by flaunting your assets is taking a dip as people are beginning to realise that introverts actually often have the upper hand when it comes to personal relationships and bond building.
Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, Why It's Okay To Be An Introvert
Think about it .... introverts, like me, are comfortable to sit in the corner and observe. These observational skills are incredibly valuable and can offer helpful insights into scenarios which babblers may be too busy to notice. Introverts use observation and listening skills to absorb more information and then speak when they're ready to divulge the accumulation of knowledge and insight.
Deep stuff, huh?
The truth is that being an introvert is a pretty powerful thing. You may prefer stillness, home comforts and your own company, but in reality you are proving to the world that you are independent, comfortable in your own surroundings and have the strength to stand alone. In a world obsessed with social media and popularity contests these qualities are invaluable and you should be proud to have them. 
Independence and taking control of your life is something I've written about before ( you can read about that in my blog post Just Say Yes ), but I have to say that in my own experience, it's taken me a long time to accept who I am because of the social view of 'quiet' people. Often being told I'm rude because I don't join in, and being left out of things because I'm 'no fun' are just prime examples of how extroverts see those of us who are what we are. Introverts. 
Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, Why It's Okay To Be An Introvert
Standing on my own two feet, getting married, paying my own bills/rent and finding a job I love ( though it may not pay ) are all examples of how I've learnt to use my trait as an introvert to my advantage. Having the independence to make these big life changes has taught me so much and to be honest I couldn't be happier. 
Being quiet, shy and okay with my own company has given me the confidence I need to make my way in the world when the world thought I was ignoring it. The truth is ... I was learning from it. Never be ashamed of being an introvert. It not only shapes your personality but it defines you as a person and though they may not always show it ... people will love you for it!
Are you an introvert? How do you use it to your advantage? 


  1. Loved this post so much and I can totally relate to always being 'the quiet one' and being told to get involved's so frustrating sometimes that others don't understand that you're not being lazy, it's just as you said not in our nature. Thanks for sharing - made me feel loads better!
    Ellis x //

    1. I'm so pleased you took something from this post Ellis! It's definitely something which has been overlooked way too much. :D


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