Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Get Motivated - Stepping Out From The Shadows & Reaching Higher Limits

Blooming Fiction, Lifestyle blog, Get Motivated - Stepping Out From The Shadows & Reaching Higher Limits

Being on maternity leave has completely changed my outlook on life in pretty much every aspect in existence. Having someone completely dependent on you to survive is hard work, tiring and highly rewarding. BUT .. it also means that your own life takes on a whole new turn. I can no longer just get up and go out when I want or run out for 30 seconds to grab a bottle of milk. Although this sounds like a life to be depressed about it has actually had a remarkable effect on the way I execute my daily routine.
The biggest change I have experienced, apart from the fact I'm now a mummy, is the outlook I have on my own life and the way I want to live it.
I've spent a good number of years hiding in shadows and retreating from various opportunities because I've been scared or not had the confidence in myself to go through with it. It's this mind set which has resulted in me regressing instead of progressing with life. This is something I need to, and want to, change.
But how do you go about making such an enormous change?
Blooming Fiction, Lifestyle blog, Get Motivated - Stepping Out From The Shadows & Reaching Higher Limits
Baby steps! That is my one piece of advice I gave myself and has already seen me taking steps towards changing my future for the better. And it's a lot easier than you might think. To make life motivation a more reachable goal I came up with a small list of sub goals to make it more achievable. Fancy trying it?
Get Motivated!
Baby Steps To A Happier & Healthier Life
* Make a list. There isn't a single person who doesn't secretly love a list. There are lists for everything from food shops to what's in your medicine cabinet, so why not a list on where you are in life and where you want to be? Goals are really personal things but get started by listing your dreams no matter how big or small. Seeing your dreams in black and white ... or multi-coloured with pictures ... will start your mind thinking about what your life would be like with those goals in place. Don't think that works? When was the last time you bought a lottery ticket and had a debate saying what you'd buy with that money? This is exactly the same but more realistic.
* Break it down. Massive goals always look unachievable and incredibly daunting. This isn't just off putting but it also persuades you that you can never achieve it. Breaking it down in to more bite size 'baby' chunks you can envisage the end result much more clearly and be more motivated to start making the changes needed to achieve that end result.
* Picture it. Visualisation is a remarkable technique which doesn't always have to be a figment of your imagination. Create a board or a collage picturing everything you want to achieve in life. Mix up snaps of family, friends, material goods and maybe even holiday destinations to help you see the kind of life you could have.
* Words of wisdom. Motivation isn't always as easy as it sounds so having some of your favourite quotes at hand can make a huge difference. If you've got some change to spare invest in some printouts from a retailer or a small business. Alternatively jump on to the Internet and print out some of your best quotes that give you a motivational hit when you need it. One of my favourites is that 'the best experiences are outside of your comfort zone'.
* Just do it. Deliberating a new hobby or activity is often enough to put you off so stop overthinking it and do it! Umming and aahing over things that could go wrong makes you doubt potential experiences ... resulting in you losing out. Many opportunities only come once in a lifetime so thinking the worst of a situation will only result in regrets. All it takes is 20 seconds of courage to initiate that first jump, whether it's buying a train ticket to an event or saying yes to someone. Just do it and see where it leads you.

* Add extra treats. Incentivise yourself. Goals are achievements so congratulate your efforts with treats to motivate yourself to keep going. Treats can be anything you want them to be. A pair of shoes, afternoon tea or that DVD box set you've been after for ages. Keep yourself motivated and keep pushing the limits higher.


  1. Lots of good advice, Katie! xx

    1. Thanks Jan :D I like to think that this post can really help people move forward in their lives x


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