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Getting To Know Me | The Liebster Award

Getting To Know Me | The Liebster Award - get to know the voice behind Blooming Fiction

Being a blogger means you get to be part of an amazing community which includes all the frills of having a large group of friends. There's nothing I enjoy more than gossiping on the cyberweb with other bloggers and readers, so when I was nominated to take part in the Liebster Award tag I couldn't wait to jump in.
As the first tag I've included in the Blooming Fiction blog feed I'll quickly explain that a 'tag' is essentially of the same concept as the popular playground game. Tag you're it is the only motion for a 'tag' post which involves hopping around various blogs using a particular topic. The Liebster Award is all about getting to know the blogger behind the blog. In this case .. me. :)
So first up here's 11 random facts about me you may or may not know already.....
  1. My greatest passion during school was reading ... and it still ranks extremely high now.
  2. My favourite season is spring.
  3. I defeated all my school bullies by proving them wrong and performing on stage for nearly 4 years ... they thought I'd never mount to anything. Hah!!
  4. I exceeded my life goal of petting a dolphin by getting into the sea with one.... a huge thing since me and water really don't mix.
  5. The only pets I've ever had are tropical fish.
  6. When I was little I was convinced that every band played live on the radio.
  7. My earliest memory is of me being pushed around in a pram with my slippers on.
  8. I always wanted to be an interpreter ... until I realised that I had started merging multiple languages into my own odd lingo.
  9. I released my own novella only to be told it was only suitable for kids.
  10. My greatest achievements are my husband and my daughter.
  11. Dr Who will always be a major priority.
Getting To Know Me | The Liebster Award - get to know the voice behind Blooming Fiction
Unless I've scared you off ... the next part of the Liebster Award tag is for me to answer some questions. So here we go .... 
If you could be any character from a movie, who would you be and why?
- Belle from Beauty and the Beast. For no reason other than I'm very much like her ... except that I can't sing and she can pull off a yellow dress. I love books and am always dreaming of something bigger.
What is your favourite celebration?
- Christmas!!! This needs no second thought. I love Christmas and always have. There's something so magical about being with family and celebrating the fact that you have a family. The presents are good too :D
If you could create your own chocolate bar, what would be in it and what would it be called?
- Chocoloco. It would be pure chocolate and nothing else. Why mess with perfection?
What is your favourite animal and why?
- Dolphins / Koalas / Rabbits . I can't narrow it down further. I love the cuteness and intelligence of these animals. All I want to do is cuddle them all day.
What is your go to item in your wardrobe – no matter what the occasion?
- My TARDIS onesie. We all love a onesie session and mine can't get any better than dressing up in my Dr Who themed outfit. Cuddled up in a onesie with a cuppa and a book is my idea of a great night in.
Favourite restaurant?
- Wahaca! Ever since my honeymoon in Mexico I have been obsessed with Mexican food. Not hot food mind. I love tacos, nachos and quesadillas the best.
If you could invite three famous figures (living or not) to a meal, who would you have and why?
- My 3 would be Peter Davison ( my favourite Dr Who actor ), Simon Cowell ( the one from Wildlife Aid not the music bigwig, because he deserves a break from the great work he does ) and Liam Neeson ( because I used to fancy him :D ).
Where would you like to live if money was no object?
- On an island. I'd love to be in a property overlooking the sea to watch mother nature do what she does best, and I'd love to invite all my loved ones, and friends, to enjoy a location free from the social judgements we have in western culture.
Who is your favourite TV presenter?
- I don't watch much TV so this is quite tricky. If I really had to pick a name it would be Matt Baker from the One Show who started off as a Blue Peter presenter. He's a down to Earth guy who is genuinely kind, caring and full of life.
When you were younger, what did you want to do when you grew up?
-Apart from wanting to be a translator ... I also went through phases of wanting to be a hotel receptionist, cabin crew and a world famous writer. The first never happened, the second came close and the third was attempted but nosedived dramatically.
What movie always cheers you up or makes you feel better?
- I have different films for different moods.  If I'm in the dumps I love to put on a Disney film like The Little Mermaid or something funny like a Robin Williams flick.
And that's it!! Even if you haven't been nominated, give this tag a go. It's great fun and you may even surprise yourself at some of the answers!

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