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My Birth Story : How Baby Jessica Had A Traumatic Entrance To The World

Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, My Birth Story : How Baby Jessica Had A Traumatic Entrance To The World

Birth stories quite often have a lot more leverage than basic research when you're after some insight into what your labour will be like. Reading someone else's experience isn't supposed to scare you or add extra worries ... it helps to prepare you for the fact that on the day anything can and may happen.
Since my gorgeous little lady is a month old today I wanted to share my story in the hope that it will help you to plan, prepare and deliver your bundle of joy.
Before delving in to my birth story I need to highlight that through most of my life I never wanted to be a mother. You can read about my thoughts in my previous blog post about Creating Life And The Not So Glamorous Side Of Early Pregnancy.
Getting the ball rolling when you first discover your positive pregnancy test is a scary and daunting experience, but as soon as that first ultrasound screen pings into life you go through a huge change in a heartbeat. Your anxiety diminishes in a flash and with the amazing capabilities of the scan you are given a due date. Mine was the 1st of June. Calculating this date purely by measuring the foetus is incredible! 

Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, My Birth Story : How Baby Jessica Had A Traumatic Entrance To The World
In my case, my little one decided not to make any attempt of an appearance of any sort. Even when on the 13th June I was admitted to hospital to be induced. On inspection my body had not even started to release the hormones needed to deliver my 12 day late baby. Although this was a little upsetting .. making me feel like I was already failing as a mother ... it was good that I was then in the right place to bring my baby into the world.
At around 1.30pm my inducement began and I was given a propess. Which is basically a long piece of string with a hormone dipped tip on the end, designed to encourage your body to start effacing and dilating for delivery. By principal the hospital then wait 6 hours to check you for any signs of development, this routine was delayed for me and unfortunately it led to complications, which I'll tell you about in a sec.
Throughout my pregnancy I had many questions about what it would feel like when labour was starting for real. I read everywhere that you would 'know' the difference. Truth be told you really do!
Half past 4 in the afternoon I began getting lower back pain, something I had not experienced at all through my entire pregnancy. Suspecting this was a sign of movement, I made regular trips to the nearest bathroom, finding it more and more difficult to walk ... and soon enough my plug made an appearance. As a side note ... I had been looking for my plug for weeks. The fact that it had now arrived made me very excited and terrified at the same time!
Luckily for me I had my parents and my husband with me when my contractions started. Increasing pain in my lower back and my abdominal area quickly reduced me to tears and I could not have been more needy of my mum. Having her there was amazing, sadly her and my dad missed the main event due to visiting hours finishing but they were proud to have helped where they could.
By 6.45pm I was on a monitor for half an hour after telling my parents I felt sick. My mum bounced into action and grabbed a midwife from somewhere ... she knew that me feeling sick meant I was well on my way. Up to this point I hadn't been checked by a hospital staff member. In agonising pain that was getting progressively worse I was only given a birthing ball to rock on. No pain killers. 
Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, My Birth Story : How Baby Jessica Had A Traumatic Entrance To The World

As if this wasn't scary enough for a first time mum, it was at this point that something in my head snapped. My memory of the rest of the event is vague and murky from now to the end, much of this account is now me recalling what my husband told me. 
Whether it was the severe pain or trauma that initiated my mental collapse I can't be sure ... but without my husband I don't think I could have done it. My parents left at 8pm when visiting hours were over and then at last at just 5 - 10 minutes after they left I was finally checked over and declared to be 5cm dilated. Half way there with no pain relief! No wonder it hurt!!

From now on things got scary and a whirlwind of events took place. Shortly after being checked the gas and air finally arrived ... but I wasn't told how to use it. According to my husband I was in such a state I wasn't really using the gas because I was writhing in so much pain. And there was a reason for it. In the space of 15 minutes I leapt from 5 cm to having my waters break and my baby coming now. No fibs .. this actually happened.

The hospital team who now took over completely restored my faith in the NHS. Seeing the state I was in I was suddenly flying through corridors on my bed to the delivery suite. A grand total of 8 staff were present in my room which was worrying in itself. If I had been with it I would have known that something was wrong. It was only the next morning that I learnt how close I had been to losing my little girl.

Still hooked up to monitors as I was escorted to delivery, it became apparent that my baby was in distress and the heartbeat was dropping. With both of us in a bad way there was only one thing for it ... the baby had to come out fast. Bearing in mind at this point I'd only had 4 puffs of gas and air as pain relief, nothing else. 

I'm really pleased I don't remember a huge amount of the actual birth because the idea of being cut and having a plunger inserted to pull out the baby is horrible. Yet this was what was needed to help bring Jessica into the world. The pushing aspect was relatively painless compared to what I'd already gone through but pushing hard on no pain relief and a very stressful evening was hard.     

But at 9.13pm Jessica arrived and she was perfect. Nothing missing and everything working she was amazing. With just a round, red dent on her head from the plunger she was unmarked, no scars nothing. The plunger mark has since healed and you would never know how stressful her entrance to the world was.

And that was it! I officially became a mummy. It was frightening not being in control of my pain or mental state but I was so lucky to have my parents and husband with me. Don't let my story frighten you, instead I want it to let you know that having a birth plan doesn't guarantee you'll get what you want on the big day. Every birth is different so just keep going and remember that as soon as your baby arrives all the pain is quite literally forgotten. 


  1. Oh huge congratulations, she's absolutely beautiful! I hope you're taking it easy to recover after such a traumatic delivery xxx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc. ❤️

    1. Thank you Gemma xx After such an experience I'm pleased to report she's doing really well and is generally a very good baby xx


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