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Cheaper Ways Of Saying I Do | Money Saving Tips For Your Wedding Day

Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, Cheaper Ways Of Saying I Do | Money Saving Tips For Your Wedding Day

As soon as you get the amazing spangler on your finger it's time to think about that day you've been waiting for your whole life!! Except there's a whopping catch .... money!!
It isn't a new concept that weddings are EXPENSIVE! The capital letters just scream that planning and indeed paying for a wedding needs a mortgage. There's loads to think about including your rings, dress, cake, venues, decorations, jewels, shoes, gifts for people who help out, the DJ ... the list goes on and on!!
But what if there was a way to save some well needed cash? Planning the wedding of your dreams doesn't need to cost the Earth and here's some ideas of how you can save some pennies to put towards something else ... like your honeymoon!
Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, Cheaper Ways Of Saying I Do | Money Saving Tips For Your Wedding Day

Research Your Venues
Whatever your idea of an ideal venue is, always look around. You may find something you like more that you hadn't even thought about before. Once you have decided whether you'd like a sit down meal, an all in one job or a dance and disco jig pull up several options for your venue. It's always worth getting in contact with the venues themselves as they often have special discounts or offers available. In some cases you may end up paying nothing for the venue if your guests pay a certain amount at the bar. Bonus!!
Use Your Relations
I would say in a nice way ... but no. Use them for all they're worth!! It's amazing how much you can save by slave driving your relatives. Head down to a pound store or craft store equivalent to stock up on DIY d├ęcor and have a night in crafting your own invitations. Done over a bottle of wine and a cheesy movie you'll have a fab and creative night.

Use Your Friends Too
Have you ever casually dropped a hint to use a friend's staff discount? Now is the time to use every hint and nudge that you can muster. Every penny saved goes a long way so work your magic on your friends.

Scale Down
Be honest with yourself. Do you really want to invite everyone .. even the ones you don't really want to invite? It's your big day so you should spend it with those who are closest to you. Inviting people because you feel compelled to do so isn't really the point. By cutting down numbers for your ceremony you can save a fortune. How about inviting the rabble just for the evening?

Less Material Gifts
Instead of asking for the traditional things like a toaster and gravy boat ... how about asking family members to pay for some of the wedding? Get your brother to pay the DJ or your parents to pay for your dress. It all saves you money, doesn't mean you lose out on what you want and you get extra spending money for your honeymoon.

Look At The Dates
Just like holidays there is a wedding season in the year which automatically makes prices soar through the roof. Do you really want your wedding to be on a specific day? This can be a sentimental option but if the date doesn't really matter that much take a look at weeks before or after your initial plan. You may find that you can save a bomb.

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