Thursday, 10 August 2017

Is It Ever Too Late?

Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, Is It Ever Too Late?

This is a question I've asked myself within the last couple of months. Is it ever too late to start doing something?
Age is only a number but at the same time it's that very number that makes me second guess many decisions I make. Sound familiar? Since I hit the magic 30 a switch in my head has made me realise I'm starting that awful downhill slump in to becoming considered 'old'. Extremely depressing but hey that's life. But should that put me off from leading a life filled with everything I want it to be? Hell no!!
A quick background story into my life plan so far .... the only real goals I had were to:
Stroke a dolphin
Find a man who loves me for me - obsession with classic Dr Who included
To have a little one or one on the way at 30
Buy my parents a lovely cottage in the countryside
The only goal on there I haven't achieved is to buy the cottage for my parents. I've not even bought my own home yet let alone theirs....
But as for the other three I've been surprisingly spot on, especially having my gorgeous little girl bang on schedule ( apart from the fact she was 12 days late ).
Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, Is It Ever Too Late?
So next I began to think of what to aim for next. That little niggling said pah you're too old to do anything now, but I say hold on a sec. While I'm still breathing I'm still alive so I have a life to live, so I'm going to live it!
So 2 months ago I decided to jump onto a massage course, something I wanted to do a long time ago. It isn't the most expensive or got a titled qualification with it but it teaches me all I need to know and I do get a little certificate saying I know my stuff. That's what really counts right? So far I've had a handful of peeps desperate to get on my list of test subjects but I have every intention of growing my hobby to not only help support my growing family but to help others at the same time. And you know what ... that makes me happy.
Happy is so important in life and to be honest I'm probably not the only person who doesn't make enough time to be just that. So here are some ideas I've come up with to help you get your life back to where you want it to be and find that ounce of inspiration to do what you've always wanted to.
20 Seconds Of Courage
That's literally all you need. Whether it's a phone call you need to make or an opportunity you're nervous about. Get the time ticking on that magical 20 seconds and see what happens. It could be the difference between you finally learning to drive, going on that once in a lifetime trip or even walking down the aisle. Who knows where it can lead ...
Go With Your Gut
Your gut is a surprisingly accurate judge at what you should or shouldn't do. Go with your first gut feeling and no the second! You will always know if something feels wrong ... so what if it feels right? Take it by the horns and go with it!!
Sod Those Who Don't Believe In You
Either ditch them or prove them wrong. Or both! People who don't believe in you give off way too much negative energy which in turn can make you doubt yourself. You can do anything you put your heart and soul into, so do it. If you want to paint the next Louvre masterpiece, do it. Don't seek approval from anyone but yourself.
Leave Big Changes And Sleep On It
Do your research first. Suddenly deciding you want to change a habit of a lifetime or a new career prospecting hobby takes a lot of consideration. Don't just jump in. Have a good think about it and make sure it isn't just a phase you're going through. Have a sleep on the idea to check you really have a passion for your new pursuit. You may even realise your passion lays elsewhere.
Act Your Shoe Size
Flip around that horrid saying 'act your age not your shoe size'. Now and again you need some fun to really enjoy life's little quirks. Playing in one of those indoor play gyms with ball pools and slides is a huge amount of fun ... for adults probably more so! Find somewhere who lets in adults and go for it! You'll have a blast and it won't break the bank either.   

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