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Lose The Nonsense | Really Easy Ways To Stop Eating As Much Rubbish

Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, Lose The Nonsense | Really Easy Ways To Stop Eating As Much Rubbish

Food can be a really touchy subject. Constantly being told what to eat and what not to eat, what diet you 'have' to follow and above all else .. how to eat right. What do I say? What a load of rubbish!!
Life is way too short to stick to a fad diet or only eat foods which are supposedly 'better' to eat. The truth is that eating well means actually eating proper food and not cutting it out. Let me explain ...
Swapping certain foods for other, healthier, options is a good way of getting started when you want to lose weight, but eating less is a no go. Our bodies need fuel to function and if you're cutting the fuel you're not going to go as far. Yes some food is more fatty than others but if you jump into the kitchen you can eat practically anything you want and not feel bad about it!
Here's some handy hints on how you can eat loads, lose weight and never feel like you're on a diet!
Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, Lose The Nonsense | Really Easy Ways To Stop Eating As Much Rubbish
Skip The Freezer Section
On your next food shopping trip steer clear from frozen goods. Well, not all of them but stay away from pre made food like chicken kievs, microwave meals and battered fish. By making it yourself at home you can see what ingredients are actually going into your food. It's completely true when people say you are what you eat. By watching what you're putting into your body you're keeping tabs on all the good stuff while inadvertently keeping out the rubbish.
Chop, Chop, Chop
Grab loads of fresh fruit and veg! A picking session is much better for you if there's a load of precut snacks. People often reach for a bag of crisps because they can't be bothered to peel and chop a carrot. Lazy but so true! Loads of supermarkets sell pre cut carrot sticks etc so grab some of those, separate them into pots or something else and pop them in the fridge. Next time you want to pick at something there'll be something easy, fast and nutritious for you to munch on without feeling guilty.
Fill Up Your Plate
Instead of cutting down your dinners fill up your plate to the brim. Eating well at meal times will reduce your likelihood of snacking massively. Have your main part of the meal, i.e. steak, and then fill up the rest of the plate with yummy goodness like a jacket potato and a ton of fresh veg. You will be so full after that you won't be reaching for anything naughty for quite some time.
Stop Looking At The Prices
Unfortunately in many cases it is more expensive to eat properly than eating something at a fast food joint. However, like anything else you get what you pay for. Buying fresh ingredients means you're getting better fuel for your body. Although your food bill may hike a bit it is much better for your health and cooking is a great skill to keep practising. Who knows ... you may fill up your very own recipe book.

This graphic below from Elysium Health echoes a lot of these ideas (and even includes some of my own!). Check it out:


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