Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush

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Good old Soap & Glory, the budget beauty range that stands out more than most luxury brands. The iconic pink and funky packaging makes the range so easy to spot it's nearly impossible to not notice it when in Boots.
In all honesty I'm much more of a Champneys girl than a Soap & Glory addict, but this Sugar Crush Body Scrub is my one go to product from this make. Exfoliation is key for accelerating the removal of dead / dry skin, so when you can scrub with a product that smells like a margherita it has to be done. 
The thing that makes me love this product is that you get great results on dry and wet skin. The sugary texture is really easy to work with and doesn't take ages to get off like some exfoliators. Even with just one use of Sugar Crush there is already a noticeable difference in how soft and smooth your skin is. Plus it smells good too.
For me, the best time to use this product is in the shower. Have a quick rinse, use the scrub and then wash as usual. The way I look at it is that I'm then washing the new skin after getting rid of the old manky stuff. If you have a different way of scrubbing I'd love to hear it!!

I think this body scrub would be ideal for anyone who loves a sweet and refreshing scent, like the Fuji Green Tea range from The Body Shop, or an affordable beauty buy which does just as good a job as something three times the price. 
Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, Soap & Glory Sugar Crush

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