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These Are The Values You Should Be Teaching Your Kids

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Your children are going to come into contact with people from all races and religions in their life. If they don’t have tolerant attitudes towards people that are different to them, they’re going to struggle in all aspects of their life. Tolerance is something that many parents hope will filter through naturally, but the problem is, you aren’t the only person that will be influencing them. They will be exposed to lots of damaging ideas in the media, and from other people in their lives. If you don’t make an effort to teach them that tolerance is important, they may end up losing their way a bit. Don’t just cross your fingers and hope that they will grow up to accept others, do these things to teach them those values from a young age.
One of the best ways for them to learn to accept people that are different to them is to expose them to other cultures from a young age. Travelling with them as much as possible is the best way to do this and it will create some wonderful memories with them as well. They’ll be offered school trips and you should always let them go where possible. This gives them the extra benefit of traveling without their parents which makes them more independent, as well as letting them experience other cultures that they wouldn’t normally have access to. So, pack up their luggage and send them on their way. They’ll come back a well-rounded and tolerant person and that attitude will carry on into the future.

Respect Doesn’t Mean Agreeing
Too often people mistake respecting somebody, for agreeing with them. If they don’t agree with somebody, they don’t afford them any respect. This is a very damaging attitude to have and you need to teach your children that from a young age. Make them aware that people are different, and they have their own opinions, but that does not mean you should be disrespectful to people that think differently to you.

Challenge Stereotypes
Stereotypes are everywhere these days, and a lot of the time, we don’t even notice them. Children will pick up on these things and it will subconsciously shape their attitudes later in life. If they hear people making racist or sexist jokes, and they go unchallenged, they will think that those ideas are the norm. That doesn’t mean you have to get into a public argument with anybody that makes jokes of this kind, but you should explain to your child afterwards why people say these things, and why they shouldn’t follow that example.

Practice What You Preach
You are going to be the biggest influence on your children, so if you don’t practice what you preach, you’re sending them mixed messages. You should examine yourself and decide what your own prejudices are. Try to challenge yourself and become more tolerant, otherwise, your children are likely to follow your example.
All of these changes are very minor, but they will add up to make your child a more tolerant, well rounded person when they grow up.



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