Friday, 29 September 2017

A Clarins Indulgence

Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, A Clarins Indulgence
Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, A Clarins Indulgence

Although Clarins are not in the 'cruelty free' bracket, I still love some of their products. I don't agree with the testing which goes on behind the scenes but a little luxury is needed sometimes. And if you can have a little of it a day then happy days!

Easy to find in department stores with the traditional red and white branding, the Clarins brand produces some beautiful products which are staple pieces in many households. Mine included. There's loads of goodies from the brand but I have 3 in particular which I love.

The biggest hit from their entire collection, in my opinion, is the Hand and Nail Treatment Cream. I keep a tube by my bed throughout the year and it's absolutely one of my go to skincare products. The non greasy formula absorbs super fast into the skin and immediately makes your hands look fresh and moisturised. The fact that the cream also strengthens your nails is a fab bonus!

As well as my hands I try to keep my body moisturised as best as I can, which in all honesty I'm pretty rubbish at, which is why I like the Moisture Rich Body Lotion. This product claims to soothe and firm dry skin. I can confirm it does just that. You can apply the lotion in the morning or at night. I like to apply it as I change for bed so it has all night to soak in and do it's work. The shea butter in the lotion really gets to work on dry skin ( a godsend! ) and there is minimal stickiness after application.

The last of my 3 picks is the Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate. When I first bought this I have to admit I wasn't keen on the smell. But now I've used it more than a few times I love it. Even with just a 100ml bottle ( pictured ) the product has a good lifespan as you only need a capful at a time. You can use the concentrate as a shower gel substitute, but I love to pour it into a running bath. Ideally before turning in for the night. Using this before the moisturising products sets up a lovely night time skincare routine which is too addictive to not stick to.

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Blooming Fiction, lifestyle blog, A Clarins Indulgence


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