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Being Frugal | The Many Ways To Recycle A Jar

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Being frugal starts at home. It's surprising how easy it is to save some cash, but we are now influenced to spend rather than save. Making us obsessed with spending money and shopping. If you want to start a frugal lifestyle you might find my How To Start A Frugal Life blog post helpful.
Recycling is a great way to start being more frugal. Everyday items can have so many uses that you may not have even thought of while throwing bits in the recycling bin. The prime example being jars. Jam jars, candle jars or smelly pickled onion jars, all these and more have so many uses around the home. You may find you can save yourself a pretty penny or three. Want some ideas? Keep reading ......
Kitchen Odds & Sods
Are you a tad naughty like me and sneakily pick up sachets from hotel rooms - only to hide them so you get more? If you have a stash of these little gems you can get great use out of them by emptying them into jars for a frugal selection of tea, coffee and sugar. I'm in no way endorsing this cheeky behaviour but if you do it then this little secret is tasty but cheaper. Jars are also a great way to store Oxo cubes.
If stationary is one of your downfalls why not make your own pen pot? Or use some small screw top jars to store paper clips etc. There are plenty of ways to decorate jars including glass paint. Get creative or leave the jars plain for a modern look. Likewise if you love art and craft. Store buttons, thread and adornments into small jars and line them up so you can see what stock you have.
Drink O Clock
I'm not going to reveal who ... but I know someone who used candle tumblers as whisky glasses. Wash them, rinse them and sterilise them for an update to your glass cupboard.
What it says on the tin ... or jar in this case. Store nails and bolts safely but in clear view so you can work efficiently when out in the garden or in DIY mode.
Count The Pennies
Save a few extra pennies by recycling a money jar instead of buying one. Keep your coins safe and watch them build ready to put towards something nice. A holiday, a new handbag or put it towards your car. Once the jar is full empty it out and see what you manage to save.
Instant D├ęcor
Fab for weddings, get togethers or just to use at home, refill your jar to make a chic decoration. How about using a candle jar with some small pebbles and shells topped with a lit tea light? 

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