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Nappy Creams | Tried & Tested

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An item I dreaded buying for the first time when I became a mummy was nappy cream. Which one do you buy? Surely they all do the same thing ..... I read many reviews of various products and even though I tried them I really didn't agree with some reviews I read.
Sure enough every baby is different and may react differently to certain products, but keeping this in mind I wanted to quickly run through some of the nappy creams I have tried and what happened. Word of warning ... there will be some negative reviews here.
Definitely the most expensive nappy cream I've tried, in truth I got lucky here as I was bought a small tube as a baby shower gift. The 30 ml tube really didn't last long but the product itself was pretty good. In a consistency that reminded me a little of warm Vaseline, as in a bit more gooey, the Bepanthen was easy to get along with and did a good job of protecting my baby's skin. I'd give this product a 4/5.
ASDA's Home Brand
Compared to the Bepanthen, the ASDA home brand product was the cheapest nappy cream I've tried. I bought this product purely because it was cheap. The cost of baby items can be something stupid so I look to save pennies where I can. Unfortunately I got what  paid for.
There is a generous helping of product for the cheap price but I found it hard to get to the bottom of the tub when juggling a baby and it dried out the skin terribly. On removal of a dirty nappy the area closely resembled the peeling effect of sunburn. It didn't seem to bother my little one but it didn't look very comfortable. This product gets 2/5 from me.
In all honesty the Dove nappy cream has been my favourite. It has a similar consistency to a moisturising lotion making it really easy to apply. Like all other baby products, this nappy cream is unfragranced and contains nothing harsh to irritate babies' gentle skin. I do think the Dove nappy cream is a little pricey for the size of the tube available but I do like it.
Perhaps the biggest drawback is the fact there is only one size of tube available which is way too small. It doesn't last long at all. I would give this product a 5/5 but because of the size it only gets a 4/5.
E45 Nappy Cream
I've heard amazing things about E45 cream and as a matter of fact I'm using a lotion as of two days ago with thanks to my mother in law. Which I happen to quite like. BUT.... if there was to be any nappy cream I'd warn people off it would be this one. Despite the reputable name, which is popular in pretty much every drugstore I know, I was devastated by the results from the E45 nappy cream.
The product has a thick consistency which is relatively easy to apply and work with, but it was when I took away the dirty nappy that I realised this product was going straight to the sin bin. I was shocked to discover that wherever I had applied the E45 nappy cream, my baby's skin was extremely red. I'm talking badly sunburnt kind of red. It looked really sore and I didn't want to put a clean nappy on in fear of it rubbing and causing my baby pain. Without a doubt this nappy cream doesn't even qualify for a score. 
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