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Under A Tuscan Sky Book Review

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When Olivia Montague’s grandmother passes away, she decides it’s finally time to make some changes in her own life. So she breaks up with her ‘going nowhere’ boyfriend and embarks on a journey to her Nonna’s home in Tuscany.
Until now, Olivia has always believed that she’s incapable of love, after being abandoned by her parents as a baby. But with each day spent at the gorgeous villa nestled in the rolling Italian hills, she feels her heart begin to flutter…
And when handsome antiques dealer Hugh St. James arrives on the scene, she realises things might be about to change forever!

  • Under A Tuscan Sky
  • by Karen Aldous

  • Publisher: HQ Digital 
  • Publish Date: 14 Jun. 2017
  • ASIN: B06Y5D5N1M
  • Rating: 3/5


Italy is one country I dream of visiting. Since I now have a gorgeous little lady in my life I know it may be quiet some time before my Italian adventure becomes a reality. BUT reading books about the stunning Italian backdrop makes it just as good as being there ... for now.

Under A Tuscan Sky came under my radar after seeing some great reviews on Twitter. Wanting to escape to a warmer climate I downloaded a copy and got reading. 

Something I wasn't disappointed in was the fact that some so called 'Italian stallions' featured in the book. It's a known fact ( or a blatant stereotype ) that Italians are supposed to be great lovers. I wouldn't really know if it's true or not, but this book entertains that idea. Reading a book based in Italy kind of nodded towards the agenda that a 'stallion' would emerge somewhere. And of course in the first few chapters he appeared. 

From his description, he doesn't really appeal to my taste so any indulgent scenes didn't really strike a chord. BUT there is a second love interest by the name of Hugh, who seems much more appealing. A double love interest always adds an extra element of excitement to a plot and this couldn't be closer from the truth in Under A Tuscan Sky.

As you've seen above, I've only given Under A Tuscan Sky a 3 star rating. Why? I just found the story really slow to begin with and it took a lot of effort for me to get into it. About half way through the book the plot took a twist which sparked a little more interest but it was too little too late to save the rating. As it pans out the storyline is a comfortable and comforting plot which would appeal to anyone who loves a little European romance and classic family secrets. 

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