Friday, 15 September 2017

Wii Games I'm Still Loving

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It went out of fashion ages ago but the Wii is still a major hub of excitement in my household. I still remember when the system launched and you couldn't get hold of a Wii Fit board for love nor money. Now all this time on, I'm still using the board on a regular basis, and still trying to beat my husband's high scores!
Wii Fit is still a great tool for trying to get fit and I've managed to learn some yoga moves from it which I now attempt to use away from the board. Besides the point that the only poses I know are basic ones, it's still a fab thing to be able to learn something from a computer game.
Staying sporty, I also love the Mario & Sonic Olympic Games. I play this with my husband and we get very competitive at the best of times. I'm awful at the swimming events but I'm pretty good at throwing events like javelin and hammer throw. There isn't a lot of movement needed to play this game, which is why I like to mix it up with the original Let's Dance game. I don't know all the songs but I love trying to beat my score. Why pay for classes when you can get a good workout at home without the sweat patch malfunctions being on public display?
For more chilled out days I like to run a farm on Harvest Moon. I can't choose a particular favourite, but Musical Melodies is one I go to quite often. There's something relaxing about playing farming simulation games. But at the same time it can be a bit repetitive. A bit like Guitar Hero. That's a game I'm really not good at! It's fun and you look pretty cool with a guitar but I have enough trouble using 3 buttons. let alone more!!
Do you still play the Wii?

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