Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Blogging & Me | What Blogging Means To Me

It's a no brainer that blogging has become a huge part of Internet life. From what started out as a dear diary alternative, blogging has become a multi million pound business which is quickly taking over the world of marketing. But many blogs do not start out as marketing platforms. 

Blogging for me began as a sideline to keep writing. Leaving a job due to extensive bullying I decided to pursue my dream of working at home as a writer. Lack of incoming work meant I wasn't getting the practise I needed or wanted. That's when Blooming Fiction was born. 

Starting out as a book blog I loved being able to jump into different worlds on a more regular basis but there's something about just having one niche that really limits blog content. I love to read and find getting new books terribly exciting .. but there's so much more to life and I want to share all my experiences.

It's a real shame that so many people think that blogging is all about getting free stuff. It's so much more than that. A blog needs countless hours of unpaid work and huge pots of coffee to keep functioning. Everything is virtually self taught and many blogs sink within their first year. Me and Blooming Fiction have got to a point where it's so important in my life that it's practically another member of the family. 

Now I have a daughter I want more than anything in the world to see Blooming Fiction succeed and help to secure her future. Making an income is going to be extremely tough in such a competitive area but with even more sleepless nights and a beautiful little girl watching me it may just work. 

In addition to blogging I've also begun trialling a spin off eBay adventure under the name of Blooming Candles. I've also joked with my husband how I would have my own Yankee Candle shop .. because I love them so much ... but funding has always meant it was a distant dream. But what better way is there of getting a taste of it by selling some candles on eBay? I've not sold much but I'm hoping this little taste of selling great smelling products will maybe add to the future fund for my little one. 

So in the future I'll be pledging to work even harder on Blooming Fiction ( and the spin offs ) and provide my little family with the best life they could possibly have. 

What does blogging mean to you?


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