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Happy Days Of The Grump Book Tour

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Happy Days Of The Grump
by Tuomas Kyro

Publisher: Manilla 
ISBN: 9781786580269 
Rating: 4/5


A funny, uplifting and life-affirming tale of grumpiness, perfect if you loved Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, Rachel Joyce's The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry or Ruth Hogan's The Keeper Of Lost Things Maybe there's a little grump in all of us . . . The Grump, at eighty years old, is more focused on death than life; building his own coffin and keen to write his will in ink - who can trust technology, after all? - he knows that everything was much better in the old days. But when the Grump finds himself in hospital after falling down his basement steps, his life passes before his eyes. Thinking of the people closest to him and reflecting on the changes society has brought about, he realises he must come to terms with the cards life has dealt him. With warm humour and a wry look at family and relationships, The Happy Days of the Grump is sure to bring a smile to even the grumpiest among us.


Not my usual cup of tea. I was approached by the lovely team at Bonnier Zaffre to have a read of Happy Days Of The Grump - the ultimate book for grumps. As the book states, we all know a grump ( I know several ) and we hardly ever know what's actually going through their minds. Why are they so grumpy all the time? And what does it take to turn the frown upside down?

Unfortunately for the grump in this book it takes a fall to begin questioning life decisions. We can only make choices once but can an accident - and the subsequent flashing of your life before your eyes - make you realise that some actions can actually right any wrongs and help out loved ones affected by your grumpiness? That's a spoiler I'm not going to reveal!!

Happy Days Of The Grump is quite a short read standing at only 244 pages ( with large font ), I started and finished this book within a day. That doesn't mean that there wasn't enough space to tell the story. Because there was. 

Despite being about the grump in your life, Happy Days Of The Grump is warm hearted and full of little giggles which will ring true. My favourite quote is : My wife's old clothes are in the attic; they will be useful for my daughter-in-law when she puts on a bit of weight. Now this is actually in reference to a pregnancy but as a standalone quote it sounds not only catty, but insulting to the wife too.

Happy Days Of The Grump is profoundly a life reflection read which has the charm to put a smile on anyone - even a grump. It's a good and effortless read but it's perhaps not something you will reach for time and time again. However, it would be a fab present for the grump in your life!

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