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The Hourglass Book Review

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Nora has always taken success for granted, until suddenly her life begins to fall apart. Troubled by anxiety and nightmares, she finds herself drawn to the sweeping beaches of Tenby, a place she's only been once before. Together with a local girl she rents a beautiful townhouse and slowly begins to settle in to her new life. But Tenby hides a secret, and Nora will soon discover that this little town by the sea has the power to heal even the most painful memories.

1950. Chloe visits Tenby every summer. She stays with relatives, and spends the long, idyllic days on the beach. Every year is the same, until she meets a glamorous older boy and is instantly smitten. But on the night of their first date, Chloe comes to a realisation, the aftermath of which could haunt her forever.

The Hourglass
by Tracy Rees

Publisher: Quercus Publishing 
ISBN: 9781784296261 
Number of pages: 544 
Rating: 5/5


Since being introduced to Tracy's work during a Quercus summer reading challenge, I read Florence Grace in what seemed a matter of moments. As news came out that another book was on the way I couldn't contain my excitement after falling in love with Rees' writing style. 

The Hourglass is just as beautiful a story that I could have imagined to come from such a lovely author. It was definitely worth the wait. Picking it up from Waterstones on a rainy day, I couldn't wait to get it home so I could start the new adventure. 

The story of The Hourglass is set two eras, 1950 and 2014. Following two leading ladies, Nora and Chloe, we are taken on a journey of new beginnings, dastardly mothers and the beautiful location of Tenby. Although there are two different plots running, they run parallel to each other seamlessly and are very easy to keep up with. 

I have to say that my favourite of the two plots was the 1950 segment. I love reading historical fiction so this instantly warmed up to me. There's something so enchanting about finding a sweetheart, and then inevitably discovering a flaw, which makes this kind of reading so addictive. I'm not the fastest of readers but I managed to finish all 500 odd pages within 3 days. Not bad for me.  

As you know, I don't publish spoilers on Blooming Fiction so I won't go into details about the plot so you can have a good read yourselves. This is definitely a story I would read again and if I ever go on a break to Tenby I would take this book as my travel guide. An easy 5 out of 5 from me.

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