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The Garden Of Small Beginnings Book Review

Blooming Fiction, The Garden Of Small Beginnings

In the three years since her husband died in a car accident, Lili has just about managed to resume her day-to- day life as a single mother and successful illustrator. She can now get her two girls to school, show up to work and watch TV like a pro. But there's still the small problem of the aching loss she feels inside.

When she's commissioned to illustrate a series of horticultural books, and signs up to a weekly gardening class, finally her life starts to blossom again. The class provides Lili with a new network of unexpected friends – friends with their own heartaches and problems – and, maybe, another chance at love . . .

The Garden Of Small Beginnings
by Abbi Waxman

Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group 
ISBN: 9780751564860
Rating: 5/5


Let's start by saying that I know absolutely nothing about gardening.  I'm not in the slightest bit green fingered and the idea of digging through dirt without gloves gives me shivers. Not because I have a thing about dirt ... more about the things that live in the dirt!

Something truly different, and smashing for non experts like me, is that at the beginning of every chapter in the book there is a 'how to' page relating to gardening. Without even reading the story you can earn about soil, how to plant tomatoes and also ways to become more familiar ( dare I say friendly ) with insects.

The Garden Of Small Beginnings is all about Lili and her new assigned illustration piece. Thinking that it would be helpful for her to learn more about what she is illustrating, Lili's company send her on a course learning about growing vegetables from scratch. 

Some background info to leading lady Lili involves an untimely death of her husband, father of her children, and a friend who thinks its okay to set her up on dates to get her out there. A funny scene in the book then sees said friend racking up a £1000 bill at a restaurant, but I won't go into that.    

When I think of how to describe The Garden Of Small Beginnings I can only think of maybe a green fingered version of a Bridget Jones meets Sabrina the psychic Pokemon gym leader. For those who don't know ... Sabrina withdraws in herself so much that she uses her psychic gift to reflect everyone and send them away, until an act makes her laugh and find that her happiness has been there all along. 

There's so much I could say about this book but I don't want to spoil it for anyone but I think that if you love reading Paige Toon you will love the writing style of Abbi Waxman. You don't need to concentrate in order to follow the story and the fun and friendly characters make the pages fly far too quickly. 

The Garden Of Small Beginnings is funny, heartwarming and utterly addictive! An easy five stars!

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