Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Easy Knit Bookmark

Blooming Fiction, Easy Knit Bookmark

Aside from a bobble hat for my little lady, this knitted bookmark was the first project I completed off my own back. And I'm pretty pleased with it!

It's a very basic pattern but that's what makes it ideal. Anyone can knit this bookmark and it can be completed in one evening. 

Blooming Fiction, Easy Knit Bookmark

I've been able to create the bog standard knit stitch for years but after reading The Woolly Hat Knitting Club I decided that I wanted to try and progress in my knitting and I'm thrilled with the small advances I've made so far. Learning a skill is so exciting!!

I actually made this knitted bookmark a little shorter than a standard paperback so it can fit in to even the smallest books. Plus when not in use you can roll it up in your bag and dig it out once you've bought a sparkling new book for it to go in. Genius!

The wool I've used here is from good old Poundland. The shades are navy and grey with strands of silver woven through. I don't know about you but I love a little touch of glitter.

Blooming Fiction, Easy Knit Bookmark
Blooming Fiction, Easy Knit Bookmark
Blooming Fiction, Easy Knit Bookmark

The knitting pattern I used here was super easy, but I will mention that I knitted with both colours at the same time the whole way through.

Knitted Bookmark Pattern

Cast on 10 stitches

Row 1 & 2 / Last 2 rows - K to end

All other rows - K1, P1, K to end, last 2 stitches P1, K1*

Create 2 pom poms, 1 small / 1 medium, leave long tails and sew into first row

*Knit to the length you require 

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