Saturday, 17 March 2018

Pretty Trinket Box

Blooming Fiction, Pretty Trinket Box

Here's a lovely little woodwork project I completed over the space of a couple of weeks. To be honest it probably could be completed faster but I took one of the longest routes possible as I made it up as I went along. BUT .. I'm really pleased with how it came out.

All the materials came from The Works at really affordable prices. The paints I've used are pre mixed paints, which needed three coats to get the finish I achieved. 

I decorated the base of the interior with silver glitter paint and added small dots of the same product to make a a running pattern around the exterior. 

The lid of the trinket box is my pride and joy of the project. I'm beyond delighted with how sparkly it is and I hope so much that my little girl will love the sparkles when she grows older. I painted the lid first as a base and then sprinkled glitter a bit at a time over a layer of PVA glue. 

The butterflies were picked up separately. Also from The Works, there's a selection box of different designs to choose but I didn't want to inundate the box so kept the attachments minimal. After decorating I just fused them with a glue gun.  

In all this make ( with plenty of paint etc leftover ) only cost me about £4 to make. 

Blooming Fiction, Pretty Trinket BoxBlooming Fiction, Pretty Trinket Box
Blooming Fiction, Pretty Trinket Box
Blooming Fiction, Pretty Trinket Box


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