Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Serendipity Scarf

Blooming Fiction, Serendipity Scarf

I nearly had a fallout with Hobbycraft over this project but I'm so pleased to say that the outcome was good. After my success at knitting a bobble hat for my little lady, I decided it was time to knit something for me.

I took it upon myself to knit my very own scarf. This is something I've wanted to do for years but I've never had the confidence to give it a go. Moving forward to January 2018 and I finally picked up my size 10 knitting needles and got started. 

Blooming Fiction, Serendipity Scarf

All began well with my Funky Chunky wool and the first one and a half balls were great. Nice and chunky, just what I wanted to keep my neck nice and snug. 

But .... then disaster struck and the remaining wool on the ball was no longer chunky but more spindly and stringy. After mentioning the dilemma and disappointment on Twitter, the team at Hobbycraft stepped in and replaced not only the faulty ball but gave me two more to go with it. Talk about excellent customer service!

Anyway, aside from the drama my frustration with my project which didn't seem to be going to plan I ended up making a rash decision and cast off the project, after removing the stringy rows. But what happened? A miracle!!

Blooming Fiction, Serendipity Scarf
Blooming Fiction, Serendipity Scarf

Well not really .. but I've ended up with a smashing what I call 'half a scarf'. My serendipity scarf ( a happy accident ), is perfect for wearing with my faux leather jacket as it's just long enough to wrap up my neck and tuck into the inside of the jacket, so I can still do it up. It's a product I never knew I needed! 

I am however, deliberating a second attempt at a full length scarf with my new balls of Funky Chunky. 

Knitting Pattern

Size 10 knitting needles / Funky Chunky in cream from Hobbycraft

Cast on 19 stitches 

Row 1 - K3, P1*, K1
Row 2 - K1, P1*, K3

*repeat pattern from this stitch to the end of the row

Use 1 1/2 or 2 balls for half a scarf, or 4 for full length.

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