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Book Review | The Little Perfume Shop Off The Champs-Élysées by Rebecca Raisin

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When Del leaves small town America to compete in a perfume competition in Paris, she thinks it is just the next step on her five-year-plan. It’s an exciting opportunity. What started out as just a dream for Del and her twin sister is nearly in her grasp. If she wins this competition, they are on their way to opening their very own perfume boutique!
Arriving in Paris, watching the sun glinting off the Seine and wandering the Champs-Elysees, Del discovers the most perfect perfumery she’s ever seen. Yet, as the competition dawns Del realises that whilst she might have had the best nose in her small village, her competitors seem to know more than she could ever have dreamed. This competition isn’t going to be easy…
Del has the romance of Paris to sweep her away from her worries, but as the competition heats up, so does her desire for that which she cannot have! If only the dashing owner Sébastien didn’t smell so seductive, look so handsome and make her heart flutter like it never has before. They say love smells as sweet as a red rose in bloom, but Del would tell anyone that true love can’t be bottled – it’s beautiful and unique to everyone…even herself. With everything on the line for her future, can Del really let a little attraction get in the way of securing her dreams?

Book cover of The Little Perfume Shop Off The Champs-Élysées by Rebecca Raisin
The Little Perfume Shop Off The Champs-Élysées
by Rebecca Raisin

  • Publisher: HQ Digital; 1 edition (30 Mar. 2018)
  • ASIN: B00W7Y9VGQ

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As book three of The Little Paris Collection, Rebecca Raisin proves that continuing through a series of books is completely worthwhile. I have been absolutely blown away by this wonderful story of love, self development and ambition.

The Little Perfume Shop Off The Champs-Élysées focuses around Del from Michigan, who dreams of continuing her Nan's legacy of perfumery. Travelling to the continent of Europe, Del arrives in Paris and instantly obtains her lasting nickname of Disaster Girl. Embarking on a perfume competition which could change her life, Del tries to focus on her five year plan and ultimate goal of moving to New York but heart throb Seb is always in the way. As events unfold, Del's new friends show their true colours, sabotage each other's chances and find love.

From the first 5% of the book I was immediately hooked into the story of the accident prone Del. Her character has an incredible depth and her love and loyalty to her Nan is really touching. Staying true to herself, Del uses her grief and passion to help others overcome theirs which only enhances the fact that our experiences really can help to shape our lives. 

When Seb arrives on the scene I found myself drawn towards him with minimal effort. His good nature and heartwarming traits make him very appealing and I thoroughly enjoyed pretty much every scene with him in. This pull amazed me for the quality of writing enabling the magnetism. I rarely feel so drawn into a plot and at closing the book I felt a little sad that the journey was over. But it did end in exactly the way I wished it to, so that lightened the blow a bit.

I finished The Little Perfume Shop Off The Champs-Élysées within 12 hours and I would gladly jump back in this very second. Although part of a series, I think The Little Perfume Shop Off The Champs-Élysées would be an incredible stand alone or starter for it's own spin off series. 

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