Saturday, 7 April 2018

Hobbycraft Mini Cross Stitch Kits

Hobbycraft Mini Cross Stitch Kits of penguin and scottie dog

After completing a mini cross stitch pattern my mum gave to me, from 1993, I got the itch to do more. 

Cross stitch was never a craft that called out to me, but sitting with a needle in my hand felt natural and comfortable so I concluded that maybe cross stitch has worked it's way to my heart at last.

Starting small scale is ideal for learning a new craft so I hobbled down to Hobbycraft and picked up some mini cross stitch kits to make and add to my tiny collection. 

Hobbycraft Mini Cross Stitch Kits Scottie Dog
Hobbycraft Mini Cross Stitch Kits Penguin

There's loads of designs to choose from, but the patterns I chose were the Mouseloft Scottie Dog and the Mouseloft Penguin. These choices were made purely because they're my mum's favourite animals. She gave me a pattern of a duck ( one of my favourite animals ) so I've picked up two to return the favour. Only fair right? 

The patterns are super easy to follow but I think they're easier to complete when attached to a hoop, just stops you getting as much cramp in your hand from holding the aida fabric taut.

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